26 June 2011


She is Mrs.PRATIVA SATPATHY, a 75 years old lady a devoted house wife was diagnosed to be suffering from inoperable cancer of cervix stage IV.Every one including her husband and self thought she may survive hardly few months so also her relatives.She wanted to live for few months more so willingly she agreed for her treatment.She was treated at a Government hospital at Cuttack(Harihara cancer institute).She under went radio therapy but suffered from radiation colitis and became severely anemic requiring blood transfusion.
Due to the support of her family members,Binapani,sorojini,sudharani,soubhagya,susama,aparna,santanu and other relatives she gradually improved.Ten years have passed, she is now leading a happy life amongst her grand children at village Pandhda, state Odisha of India..She gets up at 0430hours to prepare tea for her husband and self.Takes bath by 06am.The secret to her success is probably her less in take of food, contrary to the advice given by cancer specialist to take more food.

23 June 2011


The recent trend in India is if you are a Hindu or love Hinduism then you are bad or out dated.But i feel proud to be a Hindu.With so much of diversities we Indians have the largest number of Hindus in our country.Congress party has almost ruled 60 years after independence and still then they do not know how to run a country.Corruption every where where congress is but still then we BAS.... continue to elect a foreign power?This lady is very cunning as she is from the land of GODFATHER not being the PM or President or Governor she is every thing.I thing i should not waste you time but ask you to read this one written by an American.

> Hinduism remains the most attacked and under siege of all the major world religions. This is in spite of the fact that Hinduism is the most tolerant, pluralistic and synthetic of the world's major religions.

> Why are we Hindus taking all this lying down. Why is there an IAS officer as head of every temple. Can they dare go to a Masjid or a church? Please see the attached article and decide for yourself. If you agree then pass it on to all Hindus.

> Foreign writer opens our eyes

> The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act of 1951 allows State Governments and politicians to take over thousands of Hindu Temples and maintain complete control over them and their properties. It is claimed that they can sell the temple assets and properties and use the money in any way they choose.

> A charge has been made not by any Temple authority, but by a foreign writer, Stephen Knapp in a book (Crimes Against India and the Need to Protect Ancient Vedic Tradition) published in the United States that makes shocking reading.

> Hundreds of temples in centuries past have been built in India by devout rulers and the donations given to them by devotees have been used for the benefit of the (other) people. If, presently, money collected has ever been misused (and that word needs to be defined), it is for the devotees to protest and not for any government to interfere. This letter is what has been happening currently under an intrusive law.

> It would seem, for instance, that under a Temple Empowerment Act, about 43,000 temples in Andhra Pradesh have come under government control and only 18 per cent of the revenue of these temples have been returned for temple purposes, the remaining 82 per cent being used for purposes unstated.

> Apparently even the world famous Tirumala Tirupati Temple has not been spared. According to Knapp, the temple collects over Rs 3,100 crores every year and the State Government has not denied the charge that as much as 85 per cent of this is transferred to the State Exchequer, much of which goes to causes that are not connected with the Hindu community. Was it for that reason that devotees make their offering to the temples? Another charge that has been made is that the Andhra Government has also allowed the demolition of at least ten temples for the construction of a golf course. Imagine the outcry writes Knapp, if ten mosques had been demolished.

> It would seem that in Karanataka, Rs. 79 crores were collected from about two lakh temples and from that, temples received Rs seven crores for their maintenance, Muslim madrassahs and Haj subsidy were given Rs 59 crore and churches about Rs 13 crore. Very generous of the government.
> Because of this, Knapp writes, 25 per cent of the two lakh temples or about 50,000 temples in Karnataka will be closed down for lack of resources, and he adds: The only way the government can continue to do this is because people have not stood up enough to stop it.
> Knapp then refers to Kerala where, he says, funds from the Guruvayur Temple are diverted to other government projects denying improvement to 45 Hindu temples. Land belonging to the Ayyappa Temple, apparently has been grabbed and Church encroaches are occupying huge areas of forest land, running into thousands of acres, near Sabarimala.

> A charge is made that the Communist state government of Kerala. wants to pass an Ordinance to disband the Travancore & Cochin Autonomous Devaswom Boards (TCDBs) and take over their limited independent authority of 1,800 Hindu temples. If what the author says is true, even the Maharashtra Government wants to take over some 450,000 temples in the state which would supply a huge amount of revenue to correct the states bankrupt conditions

> And to top it all, Knapp says that in Orissa, the state government intends to sell over 70,000 acres of endowment lands from the Jagannath Temple, the proceeds of which would solve a huge financial crunch brought about by its own mismanagement of temple assets.

> Says Knapp: Why such occurrences are so often not known is that the Indian media, especially the English television and press, are often anti-Hindu in their approach, and thus not inclined to give much coverage, and certainly no sympathy, for anything that may affect the Hindu community. Therefore, such government action that play against the Hindu community go on without much or any attention attracted to them.

> Knapp obviously is on record. If the facts produced by him are incorrect, it is up to the government to say so. It is quite possible that some individuals might have set up temples to deal with lucrative earnings. But that, surely, is none of the governments business? Instead of taking over all earnings, the government surely can appoint local committees to look into temple affairs so that the amount discovered is fairly used for the public good?

> Says Knapp: Nowhere in the free, democratic world are the religious institutions managed, maligned and controlled by the government, thus denying the religious freedom of the people of the country. But it is happening in India. Government officials have taken control of Hindu temples because they smell money in them, they recognize the indifference of Hindus, they are aware of the unlimited patience and tolerance of Hindus, they also know that it is not in the blood of Hindus to go to the streets to demonstrate, destroy property, threaten, loot, harm and kill

> Many Hindus are sitting and watching the demise of their culture. They need to express their views loud and clear Knapp obviously does not know that should they do so, they would be damned as Communists. But it is time some one asked the Government to lay down all the facts on the table so that the public would know what is happening behind its back. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not secularism. And temples are not for looting, under any name. One thought that Mohammad of Ghazni has long been dead.

22 June 2011


A thread ceremony is in progress but the priest is busy with his mobile phone-a change of time for the new culture.


This photograph was taken with a canonA560 camera,in the early hours of the day.The place where i stay was a forest hence some fifty years back, lots of different types of rare birds one can notice provided one gets up early in the morning.

21 June 2011



This dietary advice is also for non diabetic who wants to remain healthy.
In practice fasting does not cause ulcers nor weakness it's your mental make up and habit which is important.Once you become obese then reducing weight is really difficult.By 2025 there will be 300 million diabetic in the world(WHO FIGURES).The two most important cause of type two diabetes is OBESITY and PHYSICAL INACTIVITY.Diabetes invites it's friend hypertension to cause further damage to the person.There is no cure for this metabolic disease so why not prevent it from childhood.Now a days due to small family younger generation have the liberty to spend lots of money so they spend the bulk of it on bikes, cars,electronic gadgets and last but not the least on food /junk food/fast food and become obese and by the age of 30 they are diabetic with hypertension.


This colorful temple known as GOREKHNATH is situated at Jagatsinghpur,Odisha,India.
All snake bite cases are first taken to this place from the near bye locality and put before the deity and water is poured from the pond on the GOD head till the victim improves.
Some respond, others who do not are taken to hospital or they die.Some 50000 people die of snake bite in India every year out of which 25000 may be from Odisha.Sister of ex PM of India(MR.A.B.BAJPAI)died of snake bite.
I have never seen but people say that snakes are seen on the banyan tree during the period the Annual Yagnya(Festival) there.All myth and belief.

19 June 2011


a. The Police personnel carrying out the arrest and handling the interrogation of the arrestee should bear accurate, visible and clear identification and name tags with their designation.
b. The Police Officer carrying out the arrest shall prepare a memo of arrest at the time of arrest and such memo shall be attested by at least one witness, who may be either a member of the family of the arrestee or a respectable person of the locality from where the arrest is made. It shall also be counter-signed by the arrestee and shall contain the time and date of arrest.

c. A person who has been arrested or detained and is being held in custody in a police station or interrogation centre or other lock-up, shall be entitled to have one friend or relative or other person known to him or having interest in his welfare being informed as soon as practicable that he has been arrested and is being detained at the particular place, unless the attesting witness of the memo of arrest is himself, such a friend or a relative of the arrestee.

d. The time, place of arrest and venue of custody of arrestee must be notified by the police where the next friend or relative of the arrestee lives outside the district or town through the Legal Aid Organization in the District and the police station of the area concerned telegraphically within a period of 8 to 12 hours after the arrest.

e. The person arrested must be made aware of his right to have someone informed of his arrest or detention as soon as he is put under arrest or is detained.

f. An entry must be made in the diary at the place of detention regarding the arrest of the person which shall also disclose the name of the next friend of the person who has been informed of the arrest or detention as soon as he is put under arrest or is detained.

g. The arrestee should where he so requests, be also examined at the time of his arrest and major and minor injuries, if any present on his/ her body, must be recorded at that time. The "Inspection Memo" must be signed both by the arrestee and the police officer effecting the arrest and its copy provided to the arrestee.

h. The arrestee should be subjected to medical examination every 48 hours during his detention in custody by a doctor on the panel of approved doctors, appointed by Director, Health Service of the concerned State or Union Territory. Director, Health Service, should prepare such a panel for all Tahsils and District as well.

i. Copies of all the documents including the memo of arrest, referred to above should be sent to the Magistrate for his record.

j. The arrestee may be permitted to meet his lawyer during interrogation, though not throughout the interrogation.

k. A Police control room should be provided at all district and State Headquarters, where information regarding the arrest and the place of custody of the arrestee shall be communicated by the officer causing the arrest within 12 hours of effecting the arrest and at the police control room it should be displayed on a conspicuous notice board.

12 June 2011


Forget what Baba Ramdev says but do you know if 400 lakhs crore rupees of black money are brought back to India then what will be the scenario?
1: India will be financially no 1 country
2: For each district 60 thousand crore and for each village100 crores can be distributed for development work.
3: For twenty years you do not have to pay any tax.
4: Petrol-Rs25, Diesel Rs15, CNG-Rs150 per cylinder, Dal-Rs20, Milk- Rs8 are the few examples of price which will be available for the consumers.
5: You do not have to pay any electricity bills for many years.
6: There will be more than 1500 universities like Oxford all over India
7: 28000 kilometers long rubber roads in India can be constructed.
8: There will be 2000 hospitals with free medical facilities.
9: Around 94 thousand people will have their own houses.
Go INDIANS go for your MOTHER LAND!!
Noting that he has come to know through a report that there are more Indian deposits in the Swiss banks than any other nationality, Assange said, "There is no reason why India should not be aggressive."
Praising German government for its aggressive approach to unearth black money stashed offshore, he said that India "should be more aggressive because India seems like it is loosing per capita much more tax than Germany."
Assange alleged that Indian government's response to the Wiki Leaks cables was "one of the worst in the world" and a "clear attempt to mislead the nation on what the cables were". He said that response by the Indian government left a lot to be desired.
Assange also dismissed contention of the Indian government that accords on double taxation were coming in the way of tracking the trail of black money.
"Double taxation does not have anything to do with asset hiding. It doesn't simply cover asset hiding," he said.
Assange said that issue of stashing black money in foreign banks was much worse than just local corruption as when money is pushed offshore, ".....then every time they are selling rupees and the result is that the currency of the nation is debased...everything for all Indians become more expensive as a result of that transfer."
Assange had earlier claimed that he was handed over documents of bank accounts by a former banker Rudolf Elmer and the whistle blower also claimed that the names in the documents came from "US, Britain, Germany, Austria and Asia -- from all

08 June 2011


It is the Marriage Ceremony of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. The festival is observed in the month of June with pomp and ceremony at Sambalpur and is extended for a week. Pilgrims from the neighboring districts and States of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar also participate in the festival. Lakhs of people congregate in this week long festival, mostly in the month of June every year.This procession is a mini one but the main carnival starts from midnight till early morning where lakhs of devotees take part.Thousands of "Hinjaras" come from all parts of India with a belief that if they come to this place during SITAL SASTHI they will be born with normal sex in their next birth.


The OPL (odisha premier league) cricket tournament started from 22nd of May 2011 at famous Barabati stadium of Cuttack,Odisha.It's a 20 over night cricket from 19 hours to 2210 hours with a break of 20 minutes.Five venues were selected for this tournament with ten teams participating in it.The names of the teams are as follows,1.KatakBarabati tigers2.Baleswar Baghas,3.Western samurai Rourkela,4.Jagatsighpur spark,5.Puri emperors,6.Bramahapur Bhanja veers,7.Cooperative kings Dekhanal,8.kasvipower rangers kedujhar,9.anugul tushkars,10.bhubaneswar Jaguars.
The finals will be played at Barabati stadium on 12-6-11.
Dr.Sanjoy satpathy was selected as the match referee for the Sambalpur zone.Other venues were at Anugul,Paradeep,Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.
Some of the photos taken with canon camera-A560 by sanjoy.