31 July 2011


This is a peculiar fruit bearing tree which has male and female trees, see the photograph.Found in tropical countries.When unripe the inside is eaten for it's high potassium and water content but when ripe it gives out a peculiar smell which many people donot like except the people of Mayurbhanjs district of Orissa,India.For making chapati and other edibles the procedure is trouble some hence most of the modern girls do not like to make cake(PITHA) out of it.My sisters Bina pani and Soubhagya manjari who learn the art of making these items(see photo)from my mother and grand mother were kind enough to make some and send it to me.KAKRA-- Taala roti and taala bada.Those ladies who are interested can write to me in my email address.


DIL KO DEKHO CHERA NA DEKHO. yes i am speaking about apple vs guava. See the nutritional value and you are the best judge.
One medium apple with skin contains 0.47 grams of protein, 95 calories, and 4.4 grams of dietary fiber.
Potassium - 195 mg
Calcium - 11 mg
Phosphorus - 20 mg
Magnesium - 9 mg
Manganese - 0.064 mg
Iron - 0.22 mg
Sodium - 2 mg
Copper - 0.049 mg
Zinc - 0.07 mg
Also contains a trace amount of other minerals.
Vitamin A - 98 IU
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.031 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.047 mg
Niacin - 0.166 mg
Folate - 5 mcg
Pantothenic Acid - 0.111 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.075 mg
Vitamin C - 8.4 mg
Vitamin E - 0.33 mg
Vitamin K - 4 mcg
Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.
One cup of fresh guava contains 4.21 grams of protein, 112 calories and 8.9 grams of dietary fiber.
Potassium - 688 mg
Phosphorus - 66 mg
Magnesium - 36 mg
Calcium - 30 mg
Sodium - 3 mg
Iron - 0.43 mg
Selenium 1 mcg
Manganese - 0.247 mg
Copper - 0.38 mg
Zinc - 0.38 mg
Also contains small amounts of other minerals.
Vitamin A - 1030 IU
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.111 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.066 mg
Niacin - 1.789 mg
Folate - 81 mcg
Pantothenic Acid - 0.744 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.181 mg
Vitamin C - 376.7 mg
Vitamin E - 1.2 mg
Vitamin K - 4.3 mcg
Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.



30 July 2011


Inflation War :India's central bank raised interest rates by half a percentage point Tuesday, jolting local markets with its resolve to fight inflation. The move marks the Reserve Bank of India's 11th hike since March last year. Yet inflation remains stubbornly high, hovering above 8% in year-on-year terms for 18 months in a row. This is leading many in Asia's third-largest economy to ask what new measures are required to restore price stability.India's central bank raised interest rates by half a percentage point Tuesday, jolting local markets with its resolve to fight inflation. The move marks the Reserve Bank of India's 11th hike since March last year. Yet inflation remains stubbornly high, hovering above 8% in year-on-year terms for 18 months in a row. This is leading many in Asia's third-largest economy to ask what new measures are required to restore price stability.
The main reasons are as follows and this is going to get worse.The price of essential commodities like vegetables, rice, wheat,oil etc will be at par with American with in short time thanks to our selfish approach of the politicians and bureaucrats.
1: Dual Sim: meaning there by both husband and wife are employed, so money is no problem.
2:Wasteful expenditure: like giving costly gifts to Boss's wife's birthday or other occasions.Two TV one for each room as both can't watch the same programme.
3:Lots of black money
4:Pay scale revision.A lecturer gets more than 50 thousand just by taking 3 to 4 classes a week
5:Comparison with others.Neighbor has a Honda city why we should have a Maruti 800?My friend has a plasma TV why i should have a old model one?
6:Attitude: Attitude has changed, must spend money attitude.
7:Equality: This is a dangerous American trend, like a sweeper or a taxi driver wants to get the same money like that of a cardiopulmonary surgeon!
8:Disparity in salary: one man of the match in cricket gets Rs50000 for scoring 35 runs and taking two wickets where as a nurse gets 5000 rupees in most of the private hospitals.An actor gets Rs10 to 20 crores where as a professor get Rs 1 lakh per month.
9;Easy money due to availability of counterfeit notes.
10:Small family: plenty of money but only one son or one daughter.So money is no constrain as both the parents are earning.
11:Easy availability of money from banks.
I think days are not far off when we have to purchase one banana for rupees fifty, that's exactly what the Western world wants us to do.First they have asked for human rights, child labor and out sourcing and our politicians for reservation policy which all will result in import of workers from Bangladesh and China.

27 July 2011


During our school days we have watched one item called “water of India” where the famous magician P.C.Sarkar, would pour out water to a bucket from an empty brass pot .We wish such pots are available in India for our village folks.
Do you know? Plastic Bottles requires costly Oil
Making the plastic for the bottles requires 47 million gallons of oil annually. And that doesn’t include the jet fuel and gasoline required to transport the bottles- sometimes halfway around the world.
The anti-bottling protests
The anti-bottling protests in India against Pepsi and Coca-Cola echo increased concern in Europe and the United States over the proliferation of bottled water, including the creation of billions of soon unwanted plastic containers. In India, protests against the bottling plant in drought-prone Kala Dera near Jaipur focus on the source of the packaged water and how bottling companies are grabbing underground water.
The truth is, many water companies get their water from sources in developing countries, such as India and Fiji. In those places, the companies take water that once belonged to an entire village and buy it for themselves, forcing the villagers to pay for water that they used to be able to use as a community, free of charge.
Economists at the California-based Pacific Institute that estimated the $100 billion value of the global industry, ask why consumers are readily paying for bottled water typically costing a thousand times more per liter than high-quality municipal tap water.
"Are consumers willing to pay this price because they believe that bottled water is safer than tap water?" Pacific Institute experts ask. "Do they have a real taste preference for bottled water? Or is the convenience of the portable plastic bottle the major factor? Are they taken in by the images portrayed in commercials and on the bottles?"
The study, conducted by the US-based Earth Policy Institute, says the global consumption of bottled water has grown by 57 per cent over the past five years, despite the fact that the product is often no healthier than tap water and costs up to 10,000 times more. Emily Arnold, the author of report, says that the $100 billion spent each year on bottled water is nearly 7 times the sum invested in providing safe drinking water in developing countries.

Bottled Water law in India
The term "mineral water" is misleading because our laws do not stipulate the minimum mineral content level required for water to be labeled as such. Ahmadabad-based Consumer Education and Research Society
(CERS), an independent non-profit institution with a sophisticated product-testing laboratory, recently carried out a detailed study on 13 major brands of bottled water available in the country. As many as 10 of the 13 brands had foreign floating objects in clear violation of norms found in the survey. The CERS study indicates that there is an urgent need to revise standards for bottled water.
Traditional Indian methods of cooling and purifying water
Now people of India turning their backs on the country's ancient methods of cooling and purifying water. Stored in earthen pots, for instance, it is not only refreshingly cool and tasty but is said to become bacteria-free. Yet the common summer sight of water matkas (earthen pots) in public offices and spaces is giving way to upturned plastic drums dispensing packaged water.
Rainwater is safe, doesn’t bring about adverse effects.
For centuries people have thought rainwater as unsafe, but contrary to their beliefs, as per an Australian study, drinking of untreated rainwater is safe for human health. The study was conducted under the auspices of eminent researchers from Melbourne’s Monash University. The entire team took a look at 300 homes that used rainwater collected in water tanks as their primary drinking source. This endeavor has been described as a world first study that comes in the midst of growing criticism of bottled water. Plastic Bottles Pollution
Tap water is a local product that needs no packaging. Globally, bottled water accounts for as many as 1.5 million tons of plastic waste annually, according to the Sierra Club. In addition, billions of bottles end up in the ground every year. Sadly, only 20% ever get recycled, according to the Container Recycling Institute. The other 80%? Besides landfills, many bottles end up in oceans, posing a risk to marine life. By purchasing bottled water, you’re indirectly raising the price of gasoline and contributing to Global Warming and climate change.
My appeal to my viewers to use only filtered water kept in earthen pot. Avoid iced and freeze water to save your throat and you save thousands of rupees for your family on cough syrups, antibiotics and doctors bills. While going out take your water bottle with you and stop purchasing these mineral water bottles which contains more bacteria than what you presume. A bottle of water (one liter) costs you Rs15-!8 where as a bottle of milk costs you Rs20.Lets raise our voice and tell to those money suckers to reduce price of these bottles to Rs:2 only or we stop using these show business of using these bottles in train or in air. As a doctor I do not find any drop in incidence of water borne diseases such as Diarrhea, Typhoid fever, Gastro enteritis, hepatitis etc in big cities in spite of people using million liters of bottled water supplied in those apartments, as most of these are transmitted through food.
We have been using tube well water for more than ten years with out any problems. We do not drink water in hotels, restaurants or in flights. We blame cars, trucks, industries as pollutants but these water bottling plants too are responsible for the depletion of ozone layer, please think over it and purchase your next bottle.
The discarded water bottles unintentionally left in trains by the passengers are leading to serious health hazard in India as these bottles are being collected, re-filled with contaminated water and re-sold to passengers at cheaper rates.
The Railway’s own menial staff and police has been found involved in this business who hire street children for collection and selling of these bottles at the prices, minimum Rs. 10 which is bit cheaper than a new bottle of water.
According to a survey made across the railway stations in the country the staff dealing in used bottles make an average income of Rs. 5000 per big station from this ‘business’ which often leads to cholera, dysentery and gastric related problems among the passengers.
Remember these ladies at the beginning of the article and see their hardship. Let’s provide them safe drinking water.

26 July 2011



This is a satire, should not be taken seriously but if implemented will show results.
1: all hospitals to be closed down for six months. (No salary for doctors during this period)
2: no doctor will be allowed to treat/ advice a patient privately.
3: All elderly person’s life will be terminated if leading a vegetative life.
4: No medicines will be available for any sick persons except for pregnant ladies.
5: No blood will be available for transfusion for three months.
6; There will be no medical intervention for any illness except naturopathy.
7: those who want to get treated out side India has to pay Rs:2 crores as tax.
8: Doctors can certify deaths .
9: there will be no post mortem during this period.
10: All people will be covered by insurance for three months.
What do you think will be result of this drastic step?
Can any one say what will happen?
This is a million dollar question. That will show how important the medical profession is.

25 July 2011


We used to call it "hurricane" during our school days. We were told even a Violent storm can not extinguish the flame. Hurricane is German name, also known all over the world as LANTERN- "light source" or the enclosure of a light source.This lantern(photo) is still in use in my house, during power cuts due to repair work or thunder storms.This is very economical, run with kerosene for hours of course light is not bright enough to play cricket.The advantage is it also works as a mosquito repellent.This one is more than three decades old many times painted but the original glass is in tact.The history says Lantern was discovered more than 200 years back. During power cuts it brings back my old nostalgic memories of child hood.

22 July 2011


As long as ministers are there who do not want any examination for the students in any form of education they are not going to complain. Imagine a student has to spend four and half years enjoying life with his girl friend with out passing out any examination and becoming a doctor or engineer or an graduate with father’s money/may be with black money in some cases, then why should they complain? They fly by air as train travelling takes longer time-they say “it’s boring”. They wear funny dress with funny writings in front or back as symbol of India’s liberalization policy! They are afraid if some other government comes to power then these pizza huts, cyber cafĂ©’s, air travel, drinks, education system may make a 180 degree turn or become costlier, so they are happy as long as they are getting all sorts of liberty even up to the extent of paying two crores for a medical PG seat so that they can loot their patients after they pass out. As long as they have idols of the present bunch of politicians or cricketers, film stars or celebrities, they will not complain. Morality is a thing of the past; every thing boils down to money. “if character is lost nothing is lost, if time is lost some thing is lost but if money/property is lost every thing “is lost is the present slogan. These young mass do not go to cast their vote as they prefer to watch WC or IPL or a new film. They are not at all worried about the present scenario of corruption in the country. Let all the student stop attending classes and raise their voice against corruption for a month and see the result. No they are cowards they do not want to take a lead or go out of the way for countries benefit, majority of them are self centered. Even some of my blog readers will react violently to this article which will make me feel happy.
Majority are happy staying abroad and not coming back to this chaotic place called India(they tell it not me)I interviewed a dozen NRI as to why they are not coming back to their home land?
The answers were as follows: 1: my wife can’t adjust here2: My children hates to come to India3: Less salary 4: Bad work culture 5: Lots of bossism. 6: We get allergy due to dust7: Driving is difficult in Indian streets with cows and dogs around8: No recreation9: Every thing moves slowly, no commitments10: Rampant corruptions.
You watch any young Indian in trains or aero planes he or she is busy with their computer, laptop, Candle, or black berry or discussing about new cinema or IPL and they have no time for their parents or the country or the corruptions around. They have one aim in life> to pass out by hook or crook/ change a job and migrate to some other country and feel proud to be Indian in those countries and celebrate when India wins a cricket match played by nine nations only. If you tell them about corruptions their immediate reactions are” every country has this so why to bother”? This article is not meant to hurt any body but certain facts are unpalatable to many. I too feel proud to be an Indian amidst all the difficulties but they are our part of life from birth but have not run away to another land to lead a comfortable life. What ever it may be its human instinct to lead a happy and comfortable life, so our present generation has a generation gap of thinking process hence I pay respect to their feelings.

20 July 2011


One of the most delicious and most fattening fruits, mango is truly called the ‘King of Fruits’. A tropical fruit, it comes in as many as 1000 different varieties, each of them totally delectable. Though native to Southern and Southeast Asia, the fruit is now also grown in Central and South America, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula also. Apart from being high in calories, mangoes are also rich in a large number of nutrients and hold great nutritional value. In fact, they have been known to have positive effects in case of a number of ailments. In the following lines, we have listed numerous health and nutrition benefits of eating mangoes.

Nutritional Value of Mango
One medium sized mango comprises of:
• Calories - 107
• Protein - 0.84 g
• Carbohydrate - 28 g
• Total Fat - 0.45 g
• Fiber - 3 g
• Vitamin A - 6425 IU
• Vitamin C - 45.7mg
• Magnesium - 18 mg
• Potassium - 300 mg
• Calcium - 20 g
• Cholesterol - 0 g
• Saturated fat - 0 g
• Traces of manganese, selenium, iron, sodium and phosphorus

Top producers of mangoes, 2008-9 Country Production in millions of tons
India = 13.6
People's Republic of China :4.2
Thailand :2.5
Indonesia :2.2
Mexico :1,9
Pakistan :1.8
Brazil :1.2
World total: 34.9

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Mangoes
• Mango, being high in calories and carbohydrates, is good for those who are trying to gain weight.
• The phenolic compound found in mangoes has been found to have powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties.
• Being high in iron, mango is said to be very good for pregnant women as well as for people suffering from anemia.
• Mango is believed to be effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin.
• The vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E and selenium present in mangoes provide protection against heart disease.
• Mangoes have been found to be quite helpful in treating acidity and poor digestion.
• It is being said that the Vitamin E present in mango helps hormonal system function more efficiently and thus, boosts sex life.
• The anti-inflammatory properties of mango might help alleviate asthma symptoms.
Other Benefits
Mango has been found to be beneficial for people suffering from the following ailments
• Bacterial Infections
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Dysentery
• Eye Disorders
• Hair Loss
• Heat Stroke
• Leucorrhea
• Liver Disorders
• Menstrual Disorders
• Morning Sickness
• Piles
• Prickly Heat
• Scurvy
• Sinusitis
• Spleen Enlargement
• Vaginitis
• PS: Due to high calorie content and sucrose diabetes patients are not allowed to take a whole mango but can enjoy as a fruit exchange.Most of my diabetic patients do not take the advice of their doctors as a result of which their glucose levels are high during the mango season.
The mango season will be over by another one month please hurry up.To name a few mangoes of my choice1:Chossa2:Dosseri3:Lengda4:alfanso5:amarpalli6:sinduri

19 July 2011


A rare case of epistaxis(male patient) while using a mobile phone. "cant' find any cause for this sudden nasal bleeding" as told by ENT specialist.When asked:"can mobile phone cause epistaxis?" "Do not know".Not once but thrice the same problem came up with in seconds of using the mobile phone.Me too do not know whether the microwaves of mobile phones can cause bleeding from small vessels.This is a public awareness information hence thought must publish this.The person(Dr:sanjoy satpathy.MD) was not taking aspirin, nor any anticoagulant, nor any recent history of trauma, or history of nasal polyp.This bleeding occurred from left nostril while using the phone on left ear.The bleeding was profuse, stopped after use of Tulsi leaves(HOLY BASIL,Ocimum tenuiflorum) packing.If you come across such funny things please share it with your friends and relatives.

18 July 2011


This blog owner is not only a lover of birds and animals but also flowers and trees.In a small area in which his house is built he has two mango trees, two guava trees and five smaller trees which bear fruits or give shades.Five street dogs are his friends who get their lunch and dinner from his house.His wife kalyani is too an animal lover, cooks for for these animals and birds.They appeal to all their friends,relatives blog viewers to love nature and be more of a vegetarian if possible.

17 July 2011


This photograph was taken by me with an AGFA camera way back in 1971 during my discovery of Orissa trip along with my brother in law Bibhuti Bhusan panigrahi on a two wheeler scooter-Lambreta.This is a 7th century temple built with Chlorite slabs.The temple construction is very unique and only one of it's kind.Built in the glorious times of the Royal ruler of Kalinga.It was built at the time of Lingaraj temple of Bhubaneswar.KICHAKESWARI is called as Khiching in short by the local people.As usual the main tourist are from west Bengal.

15 July 2011



The only place in India where food is cheap, only for poor people.....

Tea Rs.1.00
Soup Rs.5.50
Dal Rs.1.50
Meals Rs.2.00
Chapatti Rs.1.00
Chicken Rs.24.50
Dosa Rs.4.00
Veg Briyani Rs.8.00
Fish Rs.13.00

This is actual price list.

These items are meant for “POOR PEOPLE” (M.P) & are available at Indian Parliament Canteen.

The salary of those poor people is Rs.80000 per Month!! PLUS HEFTY BONUS IN SCAMS, through Raja, Kalmadi, Adarsh society, Pawar and finally to Madam....

(this money goes from our pocket, TAXES YOU PAY)

14 July 2011


These two photographs are of the same couple, twenty years apart- after marriage.Those days colored films were very costly or not available in small towns of India, so black and white photos were the precious collections.

12 July 2011


Accidents are relatively common on India's sprawling rail network, which is one of the worlds largest but lacks modern signaling and communication systems. Most crashes are blamed on poor maintenance and human /driver’s error.A country where there is no human value of life> as long as the politicians/cricketers/film stars/mafias are not affected no one cares about these death figures.We spend millions for very old and diseased infested people with modern technology in hospitals but these innocent and healthy people die every day on Indian roads and railway boogies and tracts> no one cares as long as no politicians are killed.Investigations are carried out and lastly the driver or the sabotage theory is blamed for it.Do you know the Tatanagar -Khadagpur line remains closed for almost 12 hours to allow goods train in stead of express trains due to fear of Maoists or profits we do not know!!Now the PM is in charge of the Railways> what a pity a person who has to take permission from an Italian lady before he can open his mouth is the PM of India!!So much for the largest railway net work and democratic country of the world!!

09 July 2011


These three photographs are taken out of a video clip which was taken in 1998.Rare photographs of my parental village called Pandhda.Things have changed and the villages of Odisha have under gone lots of changes and you will not find these similar scenarios any more.I was fortunate enough to have spent some of my school holidays in this wonderful village where my earlier four generation spent their life in lots of hardship.Some say the name "PANDHDA" means a place surrounded by jungle.It was no surprise to hear lots of tiger stories from our grand father.

07 July 2011


RATHA JATRA is one of the greatest spectacle of HINDU religion.Hindus too had double cross personalities who could go up to the extent of doing any thing to please the Mogul emperors or the British rulers,many of the so called freedom fighters never existed not did they helped in any way for the freedom movement in India, on the contrary they helped the white people for their personal gains . One such person was a Hindu called"KESHO DAS" who was promoted to very high post by Jahangir Khan for his anti Hindu activities.In 1610 he was instrumental in burning the "RATHA"
just to please his boss.For 8 months The GODS were hidden and kept for worshiped at Gundicha Mandir.The photograph is collected from archives of Orissa culture.

06 July 2011


Mr.Prodosh Mishra is a close friend of mine. During my stay at Rourkela he used to listen to my stories with apt attention and would suggest changes or modification if required.After i shifted to Bhubaneswar i miss him very much.As a short story writer and Odiya novelist he is at par with the best, has received lots of prizes and felicitation from different literary circles.Our closeness became more marked after his cardiac problems.He has retired recently from Steel Authority Of India.I wish him the best.

05 July 2011


This tree grows up to 30 to 35 meters and live for more than 100years, it's wood is water resistant.Also known as"FRUIT OF THE GODS",Rich in fiber and has lots of medicinal value.If we can throw its seeds after eating the fruits in the ghat areas and other places during rainy season while traveling in our car or bus, we can have lots of green trees around

04 July 2011


Few weeks back I traveled by a non stop train(except for technical halts) called Durant express to New Delhi.Food and water was included in the ticket.One of my co passenger went on drinking water supplied by the railway catering service much to my amusement.He was surprised to see me not even opening my two mineral bottles.Lastly he asked me "sir, you are not at all drinking any water,you will fall sick!!"
-" i do not need water in this AC compartment"
"Simple- am not sweating".
"But you took your lunch with out water"
"yes, you are right, i do not drink unless i feel thirsty."
"but you must drink to clear the system".
"that's wrong concept"
"Drinking water frequently shows the person's insecurity, to put it straight>psychic personality"
"specially with old age with prostate problem one should take less water,too much water means more work for the kidneys, water does not clean the system, that a wrong concept by the common men."
Read this>
On January 12, 2007, a 28-year old Californian wife and mother of three children died from drinking too much water. Her body was found in her home shortly after she took part in a water-drinking contest that was sponsored by a local radio show. Entitled "Hold Your Wee For A Wii," the contest promoters promised a free Wii video game machine to the contestant who drank the most water without urinating.
As your circulatory system becomes diluted with excess water, the concentration of electrolytes in your blood will drop relative to the concentration of electrolytes in your cells. In an effort to maintain an equal balance of electrolytes between your blood and your cells, water will seep into your cells from your blood, causing your cells to swell.

So gentleman consult a psychiatrist for your drinking habits.To be exact the obese man consumed ten bottles of mineral water during those 22hours journey.So much for water drinking.


The most sacred syllable in Hinduism is OM.It stands for Brahman both as a personal and impersonal GOD.

The goal which all the Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which men desire when they lead the life of continence, I will tell you briefly: it is OM. This syllable OM is indeed Brahman. This syllable is the Highest. Whosoever knows this syllable obtains all that he desires. This is the best support; this is the highest support. Whosoever knows this support is adored in the world of Brahma.

-- Katha Upanishads I, ii, 15-17 ¹
The sound OM is Brahman. The maharishis and sages practiced austerity to realize that Sound-Brahman. After attaining perfection one hears the sound of this eternal Word rising spontaneously from the navel. "'What will you gain', some sages ask, 'by merely hearing this sound?' You hear the roar of the ocean from a distance. By following the roar you can reach the ocean. As long as there is the roar, there must also be the ocean. By following the trail of OM you attain Brahman, of which the Word is the symbol. That Brahman has been described by the Vedas as the ultimate goal."

-- The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna ²

03 July 2011


The SUPER SIX has left Bhubaneswar by Durant express,today on auspicious day(Ratha Jatra) for their out ward journey to Baidrinath via new Delhi-Haridwar.They are all above sixty years, from front to back>bina pani(72),Susama(61),Sontosh(80+),Soubhagya(69+),Bibhuti(80+),santanu(70+)
We all wish them a very successful pilgrimage and train journey experience.(cartoon drawn by>sradha debta)



Amar’s heart starts to beat faster once he gets an invitation card on the occasion of
his friends or relatives son’s or daughter’s marriage ceremony.
The problem is the transport, next is when to start, whether to join the barat or not with those drunken dancers lasting for hours in the hot sun. What to wear, who else should accompany him and his wife. Lastly where to park the car?
The most important one is what to present as a gift?
With gold touching 15 thousand, a golden gift for a retired person is too painful.
But once Amar calculates per plate cost in a 5* hotel any thing less than one thousand may look miserly. With high blood pressure, uric acid and sugar levels food gets limited. Then the 500 rupees plate carries no meaning for him and his wife.
Amar’s wife is on diet as she has under gone a double knee replacement surgery recently costing few lacs.The surgeon has advised her not to put on any more weight or else the surgery will be a failure. There are no more members to compensate for the gift presented to the bride .No one introduces the guests nor any one is interested to make the party lovely and exciting, every one is busy with chicken bones or ice creams. If you are not careful the small ones running with huge servings of ice creams may spill your plate on your suit or a silk sari.
If at all you find some of your old lost friend in that “gathering” he may ask you about your house address (he will never come) and then what are the children doing? Are they married? How many grand children you have? Is he in India or abroad, every thing in one breath?
But Amar can make out that his friend had probably returned from USA recently by looking at the ill fitted suit and a white Nike shoes, most likely presented by his son when he and his wife had gone for baby sitting for a couple of months.
Every one seems to be in a hurry to go back home for the night dose of medicines.
The greatest nuisance which irritates Amar is the presence of more than fifty or more numbers of drivers rubbing shoulders with him. The poor fellow who has invited you has placed order for two only but how to adjust those few hundred extra plates? Two plus the driver (they are all voracious eaters) makes it three so three plates costs the host Rs1500 but the gift amount does not cost Rs101 orRs501 or some presentations which remain un utilized are gifted away.
The four and five year’s child also holds a plate (that too is being calculated) as if it can’t share the plate with the mother? This shows the sympathetic consideration for the friend. If it’s a son’s marriage then it’s the bride’s father who is paying the bill, so our hero’s father is least bother. What a way to waste of money? Amar thinks of the old system of calling friends and relatives to one’s house and serving them with steaming rice and other mouth watering food items under one’s supervision..
In this type of receptions the server does not even look at your face and puts the most useless piece of chicken or the mutton piece in your plate.
Those are the things of the past, majorities of the guests do not know who is getting married and where are they. Some times before the actual wedding the party is over. With a sixty-four(majority artificial) teeth smile by the couple the camera man goes on clicking the flush gun but who looks at those photographs after the function is a difficult to answer .
Amar looks lost in the A/C hall (most of the time none functioning or hall is hot due to the multiple burring candles.) and occupies a chair with the plate in one hand and mobile in the other. Ask his wife to finish off quickly as the maid will go away soon.

The maximum crowd is near the non vegetarian counter and the sweet stalls; you have to stand in the queue to get a plate and by the time you reach the counter the person goes out to bring more ice-cream so you pick up another sweet and raise your sugar levels. The diabetics come prepared with more insulin or tablets so that they can get back their money’s worth which they have given away as gifts.
While leaving the hall the host asks how the food was. Majority tells him the best in recent years!! As if it was cooked by his wife. Some guests even do not feel it is necessary to meet the host before boarding the car. The same stale food in all marriage functions be it at my fair, Razion, Taju-palace, Raju-Hindustani or Garden out etc. because the cooks are from the same school of hotel managements
The bill come a staggering Rs5.5 lac. And the guest forgets about the dinner the very next day with a stomach upset and gets prepared for another evening may be in the same hotel.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Dr.DAMODAR MOHANTY AND HIS WIFE MRS.LOPOMUDRA MOHANTYPhd, were my close friends, well wishers, they are like my elder brother and bhauja, we spent many years staying in the same sector-18 .Dr.D.Mohanty(we fondly call him dam babu)and Dr.BSDash(another friend -close to my heart) helped me to get a seat at BHU for which i still remember them every day.Dr.Mohanty a gentleman to the toe used to call all of us for dinner and entertain us.Few people like dam babu,sadasiv,bhabani ,pkparida,JKP,SKM,Sanjib,Susil padhi,DPRoy,SSChand,KPMishra,kiran mishra,APMohanty(engineer),Asis Das,Manmatha sahu,Mukul raychoudhury,DCMishra,PKNanda,Mihir das,and KCMohanta and some juniors like RBPattnaik,Anil dutta,Niyati swain,Aparajeeta senapati,Ranjan patra have helped me during my stay at Rourkela for which i remain abated to them. Mr.sanat rai,debendra mohanty,Rabi kanungo,Prodosh mishra,Satkodi hota,Gita hota,ProfNitya nanda satpathy,Mr rabindra nath das,satyabrata das and publisher ramakanta mishra deserve special mention for my literary activities.When i am alone and nothing to do at middle of night these friends appear before me and remind me of our good days at Rourkela city.I have left the hospital IGH,Rourkela on 31st december2007 and have not visited it not even once in last three and half years.I am a sentimental man will cry when I will see the mango tree, guava tree, neem trees which have grown big by now and other happy and sorrow moments of life.I am now 63+ have to look ahead but my best days are behind me.I became a complete doctor,a cricketer,a short story writer,a singer, a good orate last but not the last a complete man, all these were possible due to my friends, well wishers and ROURKELA.On this RATHA JATRA DAY I SALUTE you ROURKELA.3-7-2011



02 July 2011




Both male and female mosquitoes are nectar feeders, but the females of many species are also capable of drinking blood from many mammals. Females do not require blood for their own survival, but they do need supplemental substances such as proteins and iron to develop eggs.

With regard to host location, female mosquitoes hunt their blood host by detecting organic substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and 1-octen-3-ol produced from the host and through optical recognition. Mosquitoes prefer some people over others. The preferential victim's sweat simply smells better than others because of the proportions of the carbon dioxide, octenol and other compounds that make up body odor.The powerful semiochemical that triggers the mosquito's keen sense of smell is nonanal.A large part of the mosquito’s sense of smell, or olfactory system, is devoted to sniffing out blood sources. Of 72 types of odor receptor on its antennae, at least 27 are tuned to detect chemicals found in perspiration. In Aedes the search for a host takes place in two phases. First, the mosquito exhibits a nonspecific searching behavior until the perception of host stimulants then it follows a targeted approach.
Just after the rainy season there will be short epidemics of malaria and dengue in the sate of Orissa, hence the malaria/health department carry on update education programmme for the doctors every year.

NVBDCP(national vector borne diseases control programme)organized an update programme for the peripheral doctors of ORISSA on 30th June and 1St July at Bhubaneswar.Dr.Sanjoy kumar satpathy a faculty for national malaria update was invited to give a talk on complicated malaria in adult.Even though he is not in a medical college he is preferred for his speaking capabilities and update knowledge on varieties of subjects from Malaria to snake bite.