10 October 2011


The recent concluded Nokia Champion League-T20 tournament might have been a fixed tournament and ICC president's team will be the winner was obvious from the beginning for some reasons.First out of ten teams six were outside India and four Indian teams.After the England debacle if any of those foreign team had own it then the public out cry and press heckling would have added further salt to the Indian cricket teams wounded ego.So any of the four teams had to win and BI was the obvious choice as per the book makers.Those bloody players do not play even 30% of their capacity/capability while playing for their country but are match winners for these clubs because money plays not the attitude.When ever you find any magazine or newspaper one will find foreign player roaming in Indian hotels or walking on the ramp. Naturally they do not say a word against India or BCCI. I think the best team to win this tournament was the NSW team and next best was T & T.
BI should not feel proud to win this league because it's due to one player from Srilanka(he has retired to play in India,,what a patriot player?)the other finalist had another unpatriotic player who single handedly took RCB to finals and would have won it but for that dubious LBW decision.Quite disgusting this masala cricket.

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