16 October 2011


When one compares a 100 meters timing over the years then to some extent you are justified because the distance remains the same. Except for the surface on which the athlete run and the running boots others things remains the same over the years but in cricket it’s quite different scenario. Foot ball it’s the same surface and same weather for both the team where as in cricket there are so many variables hence I think it’s idiotic to compare Sachin with Bradman or Murali with Prassana.
The first hurdle for comparison is the ground size( i.e. boundary line) for example at Melbourne, the out field is quite big where as some grounds in India and west Indies have quite smaller boundary lines .The ICC has not made any fixed boundary line for international cricket. The pitch is not uniform. The coverings of pitch started in 1970 before that it was left to nature and dew over night. So one simply can not compare a batsman of 1950-70 with that of 1980-2010.Helmets came in 20th century before that with same cricket ball, pitch size and stronger fast bowlers batsman had difficult times. The LBW rule, the chucking rules, the no ball rules, the gadgets, the bat thickness, better technology, neutral umpires all made the game of cricket a different one from the Bradman era. Then how one can compare a player of 1950 with players of 2010??
With so many variables I do not think scientifically one can ever compare two players of different era. Earlier days a batting average of 50 was very difficult where as now you can find hundreds of batsman with 50+ averages.
The bowling rules have changed. For example some of the bowlers of present generation or just retired cricketers would not have been allowed to bowl in first class cricket in 1960-70! During those days if an established batsman complains about the bowling action then the bowler had to leave cricket or become a batsman instead. Then you have front foot rule and back foot rules.
With so many variables, let’s not compare present generation doctors, engineers, film stars, athletes, and sports persons with those of the past.

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