31 October 2011


A time was there when you see a statue of some one in Madame Tussauds wax museum, you know that he or she is a world figure personality, but alas over the years it has diluted it's importance having different branches all over the world and building statue of dime a dozen personalities of the world of cricket and film stars.I have a feeling with in a year or so India too will have a Madam Tussauds at Delhi.You know we love any thing British or American and can go to any extent to get a good certificate from them.They charge around-150000 Pound sterling,roughly 1.5 crore of rupees for a wax statue.Our clay artists of Paschim Banga(W.B),India will make hundred times better statues than Madame Tussaud's.Why not have one ? Our Jaya's, Maya's,Mamta,s and Rakhi's will pour money for this project..Go ahead and get it folks.

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