07 October 2011


A true story.

A beautiful young lady medical student was allotted one patient in a surgical ward.
The young boy (patient) was waiting for repair for his hydroceal as he has to be operated before he joins the army.
The lady student was nervous but after some time she went near the patient
and started taking the history followed by local examination.
When she was examining the hydroceal
her fingers touched that “thing" which stood up like the hood of a king cobra.
She blushed and flushed, covered the patient and went to the demonstrator and
asked him to change the patient and allot her another case.
"Why?”Asked the clinical tutor.
"bazari pila ta sir.replied the girl."(Vulgar boy .sir)
"Did he misbehave with you?"
"No sir."
"then? on one hand you say he is doing mischief and the other had you deny it ??'
"No sirs please change the case” requested the girl student once again.
The teacher fuming with anger went near the patient and fired him left and right.
Told him that if needed he will be handed over to the police.
The poor fellow answered' "Sir. i have done nothing, you are unnecessarily abusing me."
"Then, why she does not want to examine you?"The teacher asked.
"Sir, what I can do? When ever she touches that THING it stands up I have no control
over it, tell me sir - you are a young male person, if a young girl touches yours whether
it will raise it's hood or not??'
There was a great laughter in the ward; the class was suspended for the day.

collection of medical jokes from Dr.Sanjoy Satpathy.

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