08 October 2011


A politician had a knack of raising his dhoti while delivering lectures. His adviser asked him to wear some costly undergarment, so that those poor stripes of local made under wears were not visible to the public. After lots of search some dozen of that imported staff was brought for the minister. The brand name VIP also impressed our politician.
There was a huge gathering on the occasion of Independence Day. Our minister was to get ready early for the function; naturally he was in a hurry to get in to the car. The meeting started dot in time and our VVIP minister was to deliver his key note address. He was very excited. To prove his patriotism and ability to speak he was lifting his dhoti to a higher level than usual just to show off his imported stuff under neath.There was huge commotion and people in the front row were getting very much excited. Our Minister was getting more excited due to public encouragement.
Suddenly a small child from the front row shouted “AGYAN NANGALA” (SIR IS NAKED).

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