09 December 2011


The so called ICC which stands for some regulatory board for cricket is actually means I:International C:Clutter C; Circuit.
The first flaw is the condition of the pitch which is not uniform for both the teams.
2ND:The boundary line from center of the pitch is at times 50 yards to 100 yards, not uniform.
3Rd: There is no uniformity of the batting surface .
4:Some games DRS is applicable and others it's not accepted by one team.
5:ICC bows down to the rules and regulations and guidelines of BCCI which generate 70% of the money.
6:Batsman can hit a ball any way he likes where as a bowler has to tell the umpire/batsman whether he will bowl over or round the wicket or bowl right arm or left arm.
7:A ball hitting the helmet and going for 4 or 6 is not a dead ball.
8:A batsman can hit six fours or six sixes in an over where as a bowler can bowl only one bouncer per over!
9:If the batsman can have a personal bat why not a personal ball for a bowler?
10:Why heavy bats with new tchnology are allowed for the batsman where as non glazed balls are used in test matches?
There are plenty of flaws in the rule for the game of cricket hence one should not compare records of one era with another.The recent example is the 218 by Virendra Sahawg.The bondary line was only 50 yards as reportd on the front page of TOI!! So how one can compare a century of Melbourne(Boundary>80 to 100yards)with that of a century at Barabati Stadium or Holkar stadium Indore ??
For these reasons actually it's a donkeys game,played by donkeys, watched by Donkeys, rules formed by donkeys,commentators are also the same and governed by King Donkeys.

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