23 December 2011



Of late lots of ex cricket captains and players are talking B-sit as Geoffrey Boycott says. Some one is not satisfied with team selection, some one with the ground, some on the rules, some on the attitude, and some on weather. Majority is in favour of Indian team and its players, as here lay their livelihood. The so called experts who come for discussion or propaganda of products, one hour before the schedule game time talk like lunatics and there are plenty of such lunatics in India including some senior citizens who have nothing else to do then sit in front of the TV. Some say it will be a high scoring match other will say it will be wise to bat first and all their predictions and calculations are proved wrong by the time the game ends. The TVs, Newspapers, and media are all focused on the Boxing Day but not on more important issues. Some one raising a voice against corruptions is snubbed by the media and the politicians. The rupee value has deteriorated, the shinning India is like artificial gold ornaments but we sleep cricket, dream cricket and eat cricket. As if winning the series in Australia will lower down the petrol price and raise the rupee value.Let’s focus on more important national issue and leave the players to play and the commentators to make cacophony noise.

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