03 December 2011


When there is mining activities,New industries or projects different people with vested interest come to Odisha to protest but no one has ever questioned the ecological disaster caused due to frequent test firing at Chandipur- Balasore.On one hand we blow our trumpet telling the world that we are peace loving people of a peace loving country but that's all.We(Odiya people) kill elephants by high tension wire,Five tiger pups could not be saved with so much medical advances ,road accident kills thousands every year,road conditions are so bad that the MIG factory of Sunabeda may be shifted out of Odisha.Coming to this testing range i can say that the sudden change of season and temperature is due(convention) to this huge amount of heat generated by the missiles.We are real hypocrites, on one hand we show our concern for the Ozone layer depletion and on the other hand we go on opening industries after industries and testing missiles.The best Laptop,Music system,Toys,Mobiles you name it i will get it which are made in China, so much for Indian technological development.Lets stop this testing of missiles causing natural disasters and have better foreign relationships with our neighbouring countries.One thing i can tell you, for last 20 years my predictions about sudden change in weather in Odisha due to test firing has never gone wrong(with out knowing that a missile has been tested at Balasore).The AGNI GODDESS/MISSILE true to it's name will ruin the next generation.For whom are we having all these modern gadgets and developments, when there will be sick people every where due to skin cancers,heart disease,diabetes and other incurable diseases due to global warming.In the name of defence developments lets not spoil our planet.After some time(thousands of years later) World will look like moon,mercury,Venus and people from some other planet will say here also there was some civilization.

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