12 December 2011


"A world that wants to make peace with the environment can not continue to fight wars or sacrifice human health and the earth's ecosystems preparing for them...Despoiling and undermining vital natural support systems is a steep price to pay for freedom and natural Sovereignty, if it was ever really necessary"(Disarmament Times-1992-2).
I spent many years at Balasore but extremely sorry to state that if you compare the development of similar place where Ballistic missiles are tested > Bengalur,Hyderabad and else where,Balasore has been neglected.
Due to frequent testing of missiles from Chandipur and Dhamra There has been detrimental effects on the flora and fauna,especially the birds and tortoise life.We know defence is an sensitive and emotional issue but does not mean you do not pay any heed for the ecological problems in the coastal belt of Orissa.Our chief minister is happy just by changing few letters(Orissa=ODISHA) and showing his love for the state which he rules with out the ability to speak or understand Odiya!He must tell the defence ministry to plant trees which was advised by the Ex-President of India Abdul Kalam.He had advised the Government to plant 10 million saplings/trees a year in the 50 kilometer radius of the firing range.Has it been done?Except the land price which has sky rocketed after this Chandipur extablishment, nothing has changed in this sleepy town of Odisha called Balasore.No good medical facilities,no new industries,No parks, no good educational institutes(Engineering or Medical).The road from the official site to the testing range remains what it was some 40 years back.Because Odiyas do not have a leader to guide them they are happy killing Innocent animals by high voltage currents and,rasta roko for trivial issues.
However, concern was expressed that the long term ecological effects of testing might never never be understood because so little was known about the area's biology before the advent of the range.(Hey,1983)
Simply by firing Agnis or Pritivis we can not frighten China to leave Arunachal pradesh or POK.Lets have better Foreign Policies and reduce our defense expenditure(much to the annoyance of foreign countries)and build a better Eco friendly Bharat Mata(INDIA).SARAJAHAN SE ACHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA

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