31 December 2012


26 December 2012


Be Happy and enjoy life:

Working people frequently ask retired person like me “what I do to make our days interesting?”

Well, for example, the other day, Kalyani my wife and I went into town and visited a departmental store at Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

When we came out, there was a police man writing out a charge sheet for the parked car in the non parking zone.
We went up to him and I said, 'Come on, man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?'
He ignored us and continued writing the fine. I called him an "idiot”.
He glared at me and started writing another charge sheet for having dark tinted glasses.
So my wife called him a "drunkard".
He finished the second charge sheet for abusing a police officer and put it on the windshield with the first.
Then he started writing more tickets. This went on for about 20 minutes.
The more we abused him further, the more receipt he wrote.
Just then our green 207 bus arrived, and we got in to it much to the public amusement and police personal foolish looks, we went home. That was some ones car.
We try to have a little fun each day now that we're retired persons, we try to enjoy life and at times behave like kids which are important for our age.

Enjoy and make others happy, avoid gloomy face they make your life horrible.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Bhubaneswar: happy Christmas.



19 December 2012


Each and every one pay road tax for his or her vehicle be it a bicycle,rick saw, two wheelers, four to sixteen wheelers trucks& bus  in India.This tax is collected for maintenance purpose of roads in the city or high ways.But alas in few months or years the road breaks up due to improper construction of roads due to corrupt practice.If the road is good you know there will be a place ahead with lots of rumble and humps for toll tax.The tax continues for years after years , as its out sourced through auction.There was a toll tax booth between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar run by Government for few years but it could collect hardly any money, but after out sourcing the amount was ten times more, this is government machinery for you, corrupt  & inefficient.Only when press people objected to the never ending toll tax it was stopped.Its a very good source for of income for many.The vehicle owners are helpless so is the driver, you pay or go back.One should remember while travelling in Indian roads you are a helpless victim to many adversaries some natural some man made.Road blocks takes two to five hours to clear up as our "kings" do not come to the site of accident before that.The small towns and villages move slowly towards these high ways with passage of time making life horrible for the drivers.Where that money goes from toll tax, no one knows.If the government can not maintain roads then why this tax on cars scooters and other vehicles?People are happy to pay Rs500 for the express highway from Delhi to Agra, no resentment except some farmers protested about this toll tax few months back.Every one pay onetime tax for 15 years for a private car or bike, but you catch any highway your toll tax may be more than diesel or petrol expenditure.You find trucks with uncovered bamboos, steel rods, frame,bullock carts,cows, buffaloes, goats and non functioning indicator lights plying on national highways, no road, signs or signals as it has been removed by the local people for their roof top or bath room doors.
Recently i had the experience of travelling by bus from Delhi to Nanital & back, the road condition is horrible ,as you enter UP.In patches you get some smooth roads but pay for it.How long one will go on paying toll tax in India.Every one will say it's in every country but they do not pay road tax as we do.In my opinion this toll tax has become a nuisance not only for the tax payers but also for the drivers.Let the NP truck or bus driver pay one time tax and avoid this harassment and bribing of the out sourced staffs and police.
(Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,Bhubaneswar)

16 December 2012


Click to enlarge:
Many Indians go out to other countries with out seeing the real India.We have beautiful hill stations, Gulmarg,Kashmir,Nainital,Kulu, Manali,Darjeeling,Ootty,Gangtok,Sikim and many more scenic places but people like to spend ten times the amount just to say we have visited such and such countries."Paheleto aapna desh ku dekho"! Language is no problem, you can have your breakfast from Rs25 to Rs250, similarly lunch and dinner for Rs 50 only(veg).Hotels are not that costly.For best place for newly married or recently married couple with out kids is Nainital and Kashmir.Take enough winter cloths and you have no problems.
This is a recent photograph of Nanital where i attended a marriage ceremony.One day of my return from Nanital there was snowfall.


This article was published in one of the leading English newspaper"ORISSA POST" of Eastern India on 7th december.Click to enlarge.

04 December 2012


There are two types of captain--One lucky the other one is good.Lucky captains are like who gets a team already formed by the previous captain as the case of Dhoni.He was handed over the captaincy when players like Virendra Sahwag,Laxman,Sachin,Kumble and Zahir were at their pick and other teams like OZ,Eng SA and WI were in building process and most of the test matches and one day including the world cup were played under home conditions.Ganguly was a good captain because he lead from front and had innovative ideas.Similarly Ponting was not a good captain but was lucky captain like Dhoni.He had bowlers like Megarth,Warne,Gillipsy&Stuart Clark,batsman like Heyden,Langer,Gilchrist,Martin&Hussey but once they retired his team lost the ashes and his captaincy was gone.Steve Waugh was both a lucky  and good captain but he lacked innovative ideas like Ganguly or Clark.The famous Calcutta test loss to India was due to his arrogance.No one will ask for a follow on with more than three days of a test remaining and with a 1-0 lead in a 3 match series.He lost the series and India became a super power after that historic win.The retirement drama of Ponting was disappointing .Timing of retirement is also an art very few people know it.Majority of WI and Australian players decide at wrong time about their retirements.Ponting was a great batsman to watch while in full flow.His retirement timing and inclusion of unfit Watson cost Australia dearly the no 1 position.A team which can not dismiss 6 batsman  in 100 overs does not deserve to be in that submit.

03 December 2012


02 December 2012


                                          GOODBYE FRIEND **Sanjoy


Death of an Ambassador:
Mr. Manilal Tripathi, , holds degrees in Political Science from Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, Orissa, and the University of Delhi. His distinguished diplomatic career has included appointments at the Indian Missions in Kathmandu, Moscow and Kabul, as Consul General at the Indian Mission in Karachi, Deputy Chief of the Indian Mission in Bonn, Ambassador to Romania, Deputy High Commissioner of the Indian Mission in Ottawa and High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Mauritius and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He took up his appointment as Ambassador to Japan in November 2003.
Monilal as I used to call him at Baripada school was very intelligent and  had a sharp memory. Once he called me to play foot ball near his house which had a football ground, I was hardly ten years old then, he was much taller and robust in health compared to me, rickety and short. He kicked the football straight  in to my tummy and I collapsed on the ground that was the last time I ever played football.
A close friend of mine and became  a  relation  after my marriage. We are shocked with the news. May his soul rest in peace. I wish I should have met him during my last visit to Delhi in 2011.
Posted by.Dr sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.MD


No more satire no more criticism no more comments,A free democratic country.Sorry readers i will not be able to post articles on lighter topics ,we are serious people you see.

30 November 2012


                                        Jaganath temple at Bangiriposhi,Odisha,India.


How can God be asked to retire? Who will take those offerings from Omega,Colgate,MRF,Bournvita,Toyota and many such devotees?
No one can criticize God, those who did had to quit cricket  as a player or  as a selector or commentator or BCCI member or even Umpiring?Steve Buckner was removed because he gave LBW decisions against God and he was black!! How come some one black person  ask questions about God's legs, he can keep it where ever he chooses to.? This God can also lie if compensated properly to save his devotees.DRS was an insult to God hence  its not followed by Indian.
God can purchase and sell his belongings as and when he choose, after all he is a God.India had some millions of Gods  more than the number of people who go with out food every day.If the offering to different Gods in the country are distributed amongst the poor then ten million will not go with out food.But they are Gods, can not live with out rich food some times,107 varieties of sweets, buffalo, bulls, goats, and cock's meat.Here is another selfish God who has destroyed many upcoming Gods in Indian cricket.
So God will decide when to live his small temple and shift to bigger one.Like any God in India he is rich hence he too gives a curtsey visit to his cousin at Tirupati once in while. You see,God worshiping is a way of life be it a cricket player or a Bull.

29 November 2012


There is a fast moral,character, discipline, integrity, self respect and contentment deterioration in the society as a whole out of which i shall confine myself to Odisha only.On every alternate day some Hindu festival is celebrated in this state mostly at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar & other parts aswell, in mass scale as people have money and majority do not work or do not go to office. What is true religion majority do not know nor has an interest in practicing it.People have become very cruel, kill innocent animals through poison or electric current, go for road block on trivial issue which puts lots on inconvenience to the passengers and daily labourer.People have become self centered and do not care about other's discomfort.Recently there was a festival called "Chad khai" when people start eating non veg food stuffs after a month of vegetarian food!! Good news for animals, birds because they will survive for one more day of their life as this "feast on animals" falls on a Thursday.
But one thing surprises me is  that in a country where the majority are Hindu why the party BJP which the other party labels it as "fundamalist" Hindu Party,does not get votes from Hindus?Other religions get special protections and other benefits from political parties who call them selves as secular!So our people as well as political parties follow a very double standard in the name of Religion.Thanks for reading this piece.

27 November 2012


Do not get confused, this is neither a cement factory nor a mining area but heart & soul of Bhubaneswar, the most developing area of this capital city--PATIA(pin-751024).If you are seriously thinking of settling down at this place please for God's shake do not make that mistake.Every other day a new apartment comes up with exuberant price but the drainage, electricity, water supply,road condition are pathetic.No amount of complaint even to the so called best CM of India will make any impact, hence you keep your windows and doors closed and return home after midnight so that you can have a peaceful sleep till 5am when the bulldozer fellow will start working.Day time trucks and bulldozer sound+tile cutting noise+music from near by temples which are in every street of Bhubaneswar+fire crakers for any festival and India's cricket victory in any type of tournament will make your kids deaf by the time they reach sixteen.Airway diseases are plenty at Bhubaneswar.Now choice is yours.


Good news for House wife:

ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad high court has upheld that a married woman as a housewife and mother usually puts in more hours of work for the family than the earning members of the family and their contribution should not be considered any less.

The court upheld that the work of a homemaker must be assigned value in terms of money for working out compensation to the remaining family members who are dependants on services provided by her and her contribution to the family.
Ulta Admi adds:
There should be provision for pocket money from govt to house wives all over the world, because they have sacrificed their life for a noble cause, job for others, plus they do the job of watchman, sex partner, care taker, cook,tuition master, job of a servant, orderly peon, at times dhobi, most important is rearing up of children.A male gets a job in her place which helps the society. They should be honored with an honorary degree (HWY) from respective universities after a short interview for their achievements. MDKCGandhi had said “woman needs education but not for jobs” and me add-- not to rub shoulders with other males in bus, train, auto and office.

sanjoy kumar satpathy