31 January 2012


The format is different, players are different, younger players, ball is different, sight screen is different, and pitch will be batsman friendly hence Indian players will take revenge.” AGNEEPATH” for OZ players. India is the recent World cup champion. Master blaster will score three centuries in this tournament and silence his critics, may be he will be player of the tournament! OZ will lose both 20-20 matches. Srilanka and India will play the finals. After few months people ,press will forget this 8-0 drubbing and Laxman, Dravid, Sehawg and Sachin will score runs in IPL and will continue to play till 2014!This is not an astrological prediction but is really what is going to happen. The bottom line is these aged players have political connections and contracts with multinationals hence the selectors have no guts to drop them for that reason they will go on playing. They play for own records, status and money but playing for the country has become secondary for them.

30 January 2012


This photograph reminds me of an oil advertisement in a railway compartment of Delhi tube railways.Warning>> " BE CAREFUL TO WASH YOUR HANDS THROUGHLY OR ELSE HAIR MAY GROW ON YOUR PALM.!!

27 January 2012


the weak link of the team is the top three batsman and absence of a left arm spinner.


The beautiful human form of Saraswati comes to the fore in this English translation of the Saraswati hymn:
"May Goddess Saraswati, who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, and whose pure white garland is like frosty dew drops, who is adorned in radiant white attire, on whose beautiful arm rests the veena, and whose throne is a white lotus,who is surrounded and respected by the Gods, protect me.May you fully remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance."[8]
A hamsa or goose is often located next to her feet. The sacred bird, if offered a mixture of milk and water, is said to be able to drink the milk alone. It thus symbolizes discrimination between the good and the bad or the eternal and the evanescent. Due to her association with the bird, Saraswati is also referred to as Hamsavahini, which means "she who has a hamsa as her vehicle".
She is usually depicted near a flowing river, which may be related to her early history as a river goddess.
Sometimes a peacock is shown beside the goddess. The peacock represents arrogance and pride over its beauty, and by having a peacock as her mount, the Goddess teaches not to be concerned with external appearance and to be wise regarding the eternal truth.

26 January 2012


What is happiness?? There is no definition of it as it varies from person to person time to time.Some are happy if their bank balance has doubled, others are not happy with it as they want it to grow six times, so its a mental status which gives happiness.Most of the people get happiness with materialist things which are temporary where as mental happiness from soul is difficult to achieve unless you have modified your desires and wants.No animal or birds think of what is going to happen next day, they enjoy their life as it comes.They have a short life and die young with out sufferings.They do not suffer from noncommunicable diseases like human beings in natural environment.We suffer due to our self only not because of others. Do not do a thing which does not give you happiness or you do not enjoy .Change your attitude and desires and you will feel much better every day.Catch people when they are doing good work and appreciate it.Money gives happiness to some but it too brings misery.Some people show off as if they are the happiest person on earth but they are miserable inside.


Pencil drawing of Kalyani: Sradha Debta

17 January 2012


16 January 2012


Had there been an union of birds then the scenario would have been different but unfortunate there is non to the best of my knowledge.The hens,ducks and other animals are killed mercilessly in suspicion because the bird flu may spread to human being.We are a selfish a lot if this be the logic then all human beings suffering from infectious diseases including HIV should also be buried and killed brutally.If the first cases of AIDs were killed in 1981 then the disease would not have spread to this magnitude.Elephants are killed by high voltage electric currant, buffaloes are poised so the people can go to any extent to eliminate birds and animals by any means.The H5N1m may be a common finding with birds but telling that that is responsible for the deaths is not easily digestable by me.We do not know the cause of death of these crows, may be the micro waves,ecological disturbance, poisoned by vested interested party can not be excluded.Lets stop killing these birds and pay money from the Exchequers pocket.Why all these disturbance just before the panchayat election in Odisha??A rape case has taken a head line after two months!! There is some political game involved in these birds killing and increase in rape cases in Odisa.


I know some of my friends were so workaholic that their family got ruined, in one case his wife ran away with her husband's friend.Present generation are ruining their life in office and their family life is like Hindi film serials, enough money but poor social,mental and physical health.Hope this article which was sent to me appealed to me hence i thought i must share it with my blog viewers.

08 January 2012


More than few hundred thousand human beings,thousands of dogs,cats,cattle and other unfortunate animals die due to road accidents&careless driving in India. The mortality and morbidity figures will be much higher if the death certificates are properly filled up by the doctors.The road signs in the national highways are either stolen or illegible.Majority do not know the traffic rules.My suggestion to Government of India is to put all these road signs in the social studies books of schools students.Young and normal people die mostly due to these accidents.They are all preventable deaths.Children in schools should be shown video pictures why accident occurs and how to cross roads.

06 January 2012


This article is meant for people below thirty years of age with out diabetes. With the available literature, Google and media teaching most of you know what a diabetes mellitus is. Blood glucose level more than the normal values in fasting state or after food is known as diabetes mellitus.Keep it around 70mg to 100 to 110mg% of plasma glucose in fasting state(after10hours).Two hours after food <140mg% of plasma glucose.
Gene plays a vital role but that’s only the half of the story, the other half is with in your control so you can prevent or delay it. You have a fixed number of beta cells to produce insulin which is so vital for sugar/glucose control in the body. If you exhaust your insulin reserves early than you have a problem. If you go on eating too much of fat and carbohydrate and become obese than insulin will not be effective.
Yes we are talking about type 2 diabetes. What you can do from now on if you want to lead a good healthy and long life. There are few guidelines which if followed carefully and sincerely, I can tell you will definitely lead a better life than your contemporary.
1: Eat lots of fibrous food2: Eat less3: Forget that dictum breakfast should be that of a prince and dinner of a king.4: Eat like a pauper. 5: Control your desire to eat. 6: Eating all the time like Americans or people of other countries is bad, the system must get rest for six hours between meals.7: Follow a simple formula males:60+1kg per inch of your height above 5 feet, say you are 5 feet 9 inches tall>60Kg+9=69 kg ,females>55kg+1kg per inch, plus minus 2kg allowed. If you keep your weight under control up to the age of fifty years than you increase your life span. For muscular people the waist should not be more than 37 inches and females 35 inches irrespective of the weight.8: Avoid fried and deep fried non vegetarian food.9: Certain Sweets like Indians consume are bad10: Chocolates with out sugar is allowed but not too much as chocolates contain lots of trans fatty acids.11: Say no to potato chips.12: Alcohol and soft drinks should be with in limits.13: Set your mind that “I must eat less” when ever you go out to eat.
If you become fat and develop diabetes then hypertension and heart disease will follow you and you will have a miserable life, then repentance will hunt you for the rest of your life. If you have a bad gene then your kidney failure will set in early and by 40 years or less you will be a sick man or women.
Get your Plasma glucose level/cholesterol/creatinine checked every six months. Go to any good clinician who has time in his hand and get your self checked. Remember prevention is better than cure.For any questions you can write to sanjoysatpathy@rediffmail.com

05 January 2012


At Bhubaneswar ,India apartment building is a big business.A house in this Temple city costs a lot but people buy house/apartments as an investment.Most of the NRI purchase a plot of land or house as they know with in three years they can get three times the money.The photographs shown here is an apartment at the foundation laying stage, these poor young ladies are doing the hard jobs.People do not get sleep with their AC on,Sleeping pills but you can notice how these ladies are enjoying a siesta on mother earth as a mattress.When i asked them why are you doing such hard jobs meant for males?"
With so much inflation its difficult to run a family, you see".
They live for today.Most of them are under feed, under weight, anemic but were smiling while on work.Must learn a lot from them.They build houses for us but stay in most horrible place called slums.Old years or New years are immaterial for them.

03 January 2012


From Left to right: Devdullav,Sudarsan,Prasana,Sanjoy,Apurba,Hareram,Himangsu and Sarat.

That was 24th September of last year was a memorable day as I had the privilege of meeting my class mates of school days and university days. I was informed to be there in that hotel by sharp 12:30pm.
I was the second person to reach the venue.Truely speaking I could not recognize my school mate who was standing under a tree. He called me by name as I got down from my car. We hugged each other, when asked about the other six he told me they are on their way.
Around 1:30pm two more of my medical batch mates arrived whom I could recognize as they were very close to me. Out of seven I could recognize three rest presumed I recognized them.Thrtyfive years is too long a period for my aging brain to remember those faces which have under gone lots of changes. Some had white hairs, few of them were bald and one was too obese for recognition and another was having a Kalidash look with beards and mustache. There was difficulty in coordinating the body frame, face with the names. That would have been avoided had I attended those earlier get together. Any how, things were managed with few lies here and there
I was stunned to know that 42 of our MBBS batch mates are no more, that leaves 118, out of which 22’s where about was not known to any of the eight present on that afternoon. Every one was busy discussing about their grand children, son in laws, and daughter in laws. What I learned from their narration was that they all have gone to USA or Canada to spend some time with their children during delivery time. I was busy with my chilled beer, not fortunate to take part in their discussion as I was still a bachelor. What irritated me most of their discussions were centered on them selves only and nothing else.
One of us was a famous cinematographer at Mumbai who was sitting beside me during the lunch. Actually it was in his honor that this gathering was arranged in haste. I had spent my school and college days preparing cricket pitch and playing together, before we parted for our respective professions. Amongst all of us he has become a national as well as international figure. So the parting time arrived and we promised to meet at least once in a year. That was the most nostalgic afternoon I had ever in my lonely life and believe me they come to me every night in my dreams.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Bhubaneswar, Patia.

01 January 2012


Dear Friends,
God bless you and keep you safe not only today but throughout life that is coming in your way.
May year to follow be among the best you have ever spent?
Happy New Year 2012

sanjoy kumar satpathy