03 January 2012


From Left to right: Devdullav,Sudarsan,Prasana,Sanjoy,Apurba,Hareram,Himangsu and Sarat.

That was 24th September of last year was a memorable day as I had the privilege of meeting my class mates of school days and university days. I was informed to be there in that hotel by sharp 12:30pm.
I was the second person to reach the venue.Truely speaking I could not recognize my school mate who was standing under a tree. He called me by name as I got down from my car. We hugged each other, when asked about the other six he told me they are on their way.
Around 1:30pm two more of my medical batch mates arrived whom I could recognize as they were very close to me. Out of seven I could recognize three rest presumed I recognized them.Thrtyfive years is too long a period for my aging brain to remember those faces which have under gone lots of changes. Some had white hairs, few of them were bald and one was too obese for recognition and another was having a Kalidash look with beards and mustache. There was difficulty in coordinating the body frame, face with the names. That would have been avoided had I attended those earlier get together. Any how, things were managed with few lies here and there
I was stunned to know that 42 of our MBBS batch mates are no more, that leaves 118, out of which 22’s where about was not known to any of the eight present on that afternoon. Every one was busy discussing about their grand children, son in laws, and daughter in laws. What I learned from their narration was that they all have gone to USA or Canada to spend some time with their children during delivery time. I was busy with my chilled beer, not fortunate to take part in their discussion as I was still a bachelor. What irritated me most of their discussions were centered on them selves only and nothing else.
One of us was a famous cinematographer at Mumbai who was sitting beside me during the lunch. Actually it was in his honor that this gathering was arranged in haste. I had spent my school and college days preparing cricket pitch and playing together, before we parted for our respective professions. Amongst all of us he has become a national as well as international figure. So the parting time arrived and we promised to meet at least once in a year. That was the most nostalgic afternoon I had ever in my lonely life and believe me they come to me every night in my dreams.

Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Bhubaneswar, Patia.

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