05 January 2012


At Bhubaneswar ,India apartment building is a big business.A house in this Temple city costs a lot but people buy house/apartments as an investment.Most of the NRI purchase a plot of land or house as they know with in three years they can get three times the money.The photographs shown here is an apartment at the foundation laying stage, these poor young ladies are doing the hard jobs.People do not get sleep with their AC on,Sleeping pills but you can notice how these ladies are enjoying a siesta on mother earth as a mattress.When i asked them why are you doing such hard jobs meant for males?"
With so much inflation its difficult to run a family, you see".
They live for today.Most of them are under feed, under weight, anemic but were smiling while on work.Must learn a lot from them.They build houses for us but stay in most horrible place called slums.Old years or New years are immaterial for them.

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