25 March 2012


These are the five Odiya short story books on display of Sanjoy and one English book with short stories, poems and satires.He started writing at the age of51 years and with in ten years he has published six books and two more are in pipe line, expected to be released by June 2012.Books are1:Kalusitalahu 2:smrutibimba 3:Annamika 4:Nisidhastana 5:Antarhita 6;Bizarre thoughts(English)

24 March 2012


Do you know the answer? If yes do not read further or else go ahead and read this.
Celebrity (rich & famous) and the poor working class both group take drug and have illicit sex, the rich takes it to forget the past and the later to forget the future. Both feel in secured in life hence takes to drugs. Here the drugs vary from cheap dendrite and country liquor to costly LSD.
Actually the bad habit starts from childhood due to different circumstances. Of late many famous people have died due to drug over dose which has been projected as murder or poor heart condition ,cardiomyopathy etc but actual fact is these drugs are very dangerous, used as an anesthetic agents by doctors and have a narrow margin of safety. To get more kick the victims inject overdose with out realizing that it’s a lethal dose. I am actually surprised how these drugs are so easily and freely available to the celebrities? Poor die due to adulterated drugs as they want cheap kicks. Drug trafficking is a big business and no government can stop it with poor, corrupt, powerless police force and judiciary system. Drug habits are very old may be as old as man kind but of late due to depression, high ambitions, poor parental care, improper education and easy money the society is slowly and surely getting ruined. Unfortunately these idols of the present generation are these rich and famous not Vivekananda or Gandhi or Buddha. Due to drug effects people are going for perverted sex and crime. Present Indian youths are very much expert in aping the people from advanced countries hence drug use in India is quite disturbing and on the rise. Hope some sensible person will look it to this aspect and try some sort of reforms. Let’s not legalize homosexuality, illicit affairs, corruption, drug trafficking and prostitution.
Jai hind.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

23 March 2012


The gap between rich and the poor is widening but present ruling party says the % of poor people in India has decreased appreciably.



This month(26th March) Bangladesh got independence in 1971 with the help of Indian army, hence the victory in Asia Cup would have provided with an icing but it has become a part of a history.Pakistan won the Trophy but Bangladesh own every one's HEART.Thank you Bangladesh for a wonderful well organized cricket tournament.Keep it up and you can be the top four teams in the world.Happy independence day.

22 March 2012


Once up on a time the famous MADAME TUSSUAD wax museum and GUINNESS WORLD RECORD have become cheap and does not carry any charms for the readers and viewers.The recent being a marriage gown of 1.75 miles has entered the book.Quality things should be entered not the quantity.If some one in India can organize a show where some twenty thousand people pissing at one time may be a record in the Guinness world record book??I would request the authority to stop this bakbash for minting money.See the wax statue of AB, the face is thirty years back but the beard is of recent phenomenon.Pay money and you have a statue in the museum.


It seems the PETA activists are only interested in drawing attention of press by going naked, nothing else.In the state of Odisha(recently changed from Orissa)every day an elephant is being killed by the villagers or the mafias but nothing is being done.Please read my article the ruthless killers of elephants in Orissa and find out how cruel are the people of this state.The government is in power for more than 12long years and nothing is being done to prevent killing of wild animals.Hope the PETA group will get up from their lathery.This news print is in Odiya(22.3.12)which states a 12 year old elephant was poisoned to death for peanuts.This peanuts means the amount of money which would have fetched from sale of the harvest would not have been enough to purchase even a motor bike.

21 March 2012


India which boost for its nonviolence attitude spends the maximum in the world for importing arms and ammunition from developed country.Really double standard. More than 30% people do not get safe drinking water.Internal threats are more than across the border, a party which rules a handful of states of India is ruling the country,has no majority in the Loksabha.

20 March 2012


Three brother and one sister are on their way to a nearby shopping market(Haata).It's early morning, they take materials which will be sold by their father after some time.This is no child labour, they are just giving a helping hand to their parents earning.This photograph was taken ten year back at Rourkela on a fine morning.The eldest is the one who is driving it and other two, a brother and sister look on.This year i met one of them in the market managing his own shop.The girl is already married and mother of a child.Younger brother is going to school more for free lunch than real reading desire. Some are destined to become good scholars others are mediocre students and few do not succeed in education.If you look in to the history most of the famous were just average students but later on in their life they became good writers or scientists or doctor and became world famous.Majority of the best car mechanics in India are school drop outs .Education is a must for every one but forcing young immature brains to study all the time will produce useless citizens than a creative mind.See the smile on their face, they are enjoying the work, its not forced upon them.

19 March 2012


“Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters;
all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw.
They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will
fight amongst them selves for power and India will be lost
in political squabbles. A day would come when even air
and water, would be taxed in India.: SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL
“Leave India to God. If that is too much, leave India to anarchy’—MKGandhi, 1947, July-18th.


The twin brother Jack waits for Gems to get up from his sleep with out knowing that he is no more.
*************************************************************************************A sad story of Gems;
It was raining on a cold wintery night , when her mother BLACKY, a stray dog gave birth to six pups. She had to carry her offspring to a safer place as that area where she gave birth to her little ones, was cleaned with a bulldozer for a marriage function. My wife and I had to feed the sickly looking mother of six. After three weeks their eyes open up so that they can move around. The pups grew up to be visible to us in the morning hours when their mother would return from our house for the breast feeding. Four were brown and other two were the healthiest-coal black, looking like Doberman.
Two died due to some illness, one was taken away for adaptation then 3 remained and came to our house twice daily for Roti, Rice and Bread. Out of these three, one is missing we do not know what has happened to her. Mother (Blacky) was proudly roaming in our locality with those twins ever since they looked like adults.
They play together with their mother and two males gave them training (not their father) how to fight. They were almost five and half months old looking majestic over the sand bed.
Last night i gave them a bellyful of food much to my wife’s annoyance (she has to make roti for them you see.)
Today early morning one of the brothers was knocked down and I could make out in sleep that some thing has happened with my friends, it was 0445 hours. He died on the spot. I plucked two flowers from our garden and put it on his face, as the sun was about to rise. I cried like a child because I love Gems. His twin brother (Jack) was sitting near Gems for hours but he does not know what death is. The other dogs including his mother came and could know he is no more. The mother was crying beside the dead pup.
This is life. The mother has given birth to 14 pups in last 3 years and only one is with her, we call him Jack. Today none has turned up for lunch probably as a mark of respect for the departed soul. He was a GEM of a country pup.
Let his soul rest in peace.

16 March 2012


1: minimum 6 to 7 hours of natural sleep (without drugs)
2: Daily cold water bath.
3: Celibacy
4: Vegeterian diet
5: Green vegetables
6: Fresh fruits two to three times a week.
7: Getting up early (before sun rise if possible)
8: Exercise--5/7 (Yogic/ usual exercise)
9: Do not use antibiotics as anti pyretic.
10. Avoid deep fried food, refined sugars, refined food, eat fibrous food
11: Avoid Red meat
12: Reduce stress by yoga
Food which cause allergy should be avoided at any cost. Give it(12 commandments) a try for two months and then see the result. If there is no benefits stop following this and go back to your own way.

14 March 2012


This is to warn the railway passengers about the travel time between Cuttack to Bhubaneswar.Which ever train you travel if the destination station is Bhubaneswar then you had it.A distance of 24 kilometers may take one to two hours.Those trains which bypass Cuttack and go via Naraj route then you are lucky.The train may stop at Cuttack for hours or next hurdle is Barang or Mancheswar.If you have important work at Bhubaneswar then the best thing is to get down at Cuttack and catch a taxi.Most of the intercity express, Durant,Rajdhani,passenger trains,Tapaswani or Dhauli reaches Bhubaneswar late.If you are lucky then one out of 50 times you may reach in time.This is just for the travellers awareness nothing against railways.The problem is due to too many trains, poor management by traffic controller,few number of platforms.This is getting worse day by day.So be mentally prepared to reach late at Bhubaneswar even if the train reaches in time at Cuttack.

13 March 2012


Month of March

03 March 2012


Dr.Prof.B.S.Dhilon F.R.C.S was first official Chief Medical Officer(CMO) for two decades of the famous I.G.H at Rourkela.He was my first boss.I started my medical profession under him.Three things I learned from him>1: Sincerity 2:punctuality 3:Dedication.This photograph was taken with a camera borrowed from my engineer friend G.Purusottam.You watch carefully the autograph of the famous personality is still visible even after four decades.Most of us who worked under him still remember him as an administrator, surgeon and as a person.He had an English wife and three sons, i do not know where they are.