03 March 2012


Dr.Prof.B.S.Dhilon F.R.C.S was first official Chief Medical Officer(CMO) for two decades of the famous I.G.H at Rourkela.He was my first boss.I started my medical profession under him.Three things I learned from him>1: Sincerity 2:punctuality 3:Dedication.This photograph was taken with a camera borrowed from my engineer friend G.Purusottam.You watch carefully the autograph of the famous personality is still visible even after four decades.Most of us who worked under him still remember him as an administrator, surgeon and as a person.He had an English wife and three sons, i do not know where they are.


  1. Dear Dr. Satpathy:

    Thank you so very much for posting kind remarks on Dr. Dhillon and specially his photograph on this site. I am so grateful to you. Dr. Dhillon, a man of principles was always helpful to everyone. I had known him personally, being from the same township of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. After leaving Rourkela he settled in Jor Bagh area,Delhi. He did have his practice in Connaught Place for a while. Three sons named Johnny, Richard and Peter grew up in Rourkela. I wish I knew more about the family, but unfortunately, lost track.

  2. Dear Dr. Satpathy,what a wonderful photograph of my father. Its just as I imagine him.

    During the twight years of my fathers life he often commented that this is a period when he did his best work.

    Many thanks for your kind words and for the opportunity to remissness.

    Take care and I would love to read your stories.

    I can be contacted on gautam.dhillon@googlemail.com

    1. Hello Doctor Satpathy.

      I think my Dad was happiest in Rourkella, and had four Children. Many of our happiest memories as children are from growing up in Rourkella.
      Sadly Dad passed away nearly 10 years ago and many remembered him and came to his Bhog ceremony which was very touching.
      We are now in England,thanks for this photograph

      Best, Peter Dhillon.