29 April 2012


On 28th afternoon there was sudden change of temperature, the sky turned black,sun disappeared behind the dark clouds and by evening we had tropical storm.My elder brother's split AC machine which was on his house top was blown away, a loss of  straight 30 thousand.,it was not insured.So be careful if you have a split air conditioner then fasten it tightly ,or you too may fall a victim to the unpredictable tropical thunder storm.This photograph was taken at 1735 hours after the rain  has subsided.


Tropical thunder storm also known as electrical storm.Lightening and it's acoustic effect on earth's atmosphere also known as thunder.Result from the rapid upward movement of warm, moist air.This is a single cell thunder storm which occur mostly in tropical countries ,like India.This video clip was taken with a cannon A560 camera on 19th evening at Bhubaneswar,Orissa, India at 1930 hours.

28 April 2012



27 April 2012


This is the story of a faithful young man and his friend. Had it been an art movie it would have fetched a best picture award but here is a man who is writing this real story has neither the money nor the connection to produce such a movie. I would have named my film  "FAITHFUL",as it has become a fashion in Hindi filmdom of late, to name films with English titles.
The story unfolds in front of my and my wife Kalyani’s eyes. This was a playfield for young children and a shelter house for stray dogs but a mafia decided to construct a four storied apartment on it. The bulldozer came removed all the trees and bushes and the construction started .The dogs looked from a distance and were silent spectators to the whole process. The construction process went on so fast we thought the house will be ready by year end but alas there was some court stay order. The builder kept this young boy as a guard and caretaker of that housing complex when I developed a friendship with him. In the mean while a female dog called Blacky gave birth to three little pups out of which one stayed on to this place.
The little pup met with an accident and her left front foot got fractured during the construction of the house. This young boy Raghu developed sympathy for this pup and started feeding him from his lunch and dinner leftovers. He fondly called him “KALU”, meaning there by a dog of black color. I too developed a fascination for this little pup as she was all alone keeping a watch on a huge plot of half constructed house at night and barking at stangers.Her fractured leg has healed with a deformity.One day Raghu went out for some work to his village and our  Kalu was waiting for him for two days, during which i offered food to him but he refused to take.The scene is seen to be believed when Raghu returned from home.

The young boy is alone, so as a companion in a vast plot, Kalu is his friend and guard at night. I too give some bread when he comes to my house which is very close to this disputed construction site.
The story goes on; Kalu’s sister comes every evening for a short game of hide and seek as I observe them through my window as the sun sets in the west. My viewers please love animals, birds and trees and make our world a lovely place to live. Thank you. Ask your friends near and dear ones, to go through my blog for which I shall remain obliged to you for ever.To continue


                               GOD AND GODDESSES HAVE ENTERED PARLIAMENT:
                                                          Now India will be a heaven.

As desired by my blog viewers i have become patriotic, so decided to share my patriotic thoughts.

Some of my viewers have asked me to write some thing positive about this great nation called India.
So I decided to write the positive side of the story about Bharat Mata.
1: Average train speed which was 40 kilometers per hour before independence has reached 50 in express trains and 60 in superfast trains after sixty four years.
2: Government schools and colleges have been replaced by Christian schools
3: Number of Road traffic accidents deaths has gone up from fifty thousand to 5 lakhs per year.
4: Sachin & Rekha nominated to Rajya Sabha by Congress Party
5. Sachin scores 100 centuries (One day+ Test match)
6: India has ballistic missile capable of destroying Europe and China
7: All villages in India are electrified (on paper)
8: Enough food grains but no place to store
9: Millions of trees felled for national highways
10: Highest exporter of IT experts.
11:4000 doctors did not come back to India because they do not discriminate
12. Highest number of throat & mouth cancers in the world is found in India.
13; People are so patriotic that 40000 post in defense are lying vacant.
14: GOD has entered Indian Parliament.
15: India has four richest parsons in the world.
16: Suddenly the young generation has become patriotic for that reason they go out to foreign land never to return again.
17:S&P report says very good India
This list is never ending as HISTORY is made every day(by press)in India and I have no space in my blog to fill them.

ages in India are elctrified(f destrying Europe and China

26 April 2012


A rare sight in any other country except probably India.This country dog is a left over of those bingo dogs brought by Australians to India some hundred of years back.Due to poor nutrition and hot summer their coat has become rough.Here in this photograph a female dog can dare to go near a bull and removes the ticks and other insects from this bull's body for nothing, free of cost.Had she been an American she would have probably charged for it,but India is a friendly country where relationship is much more important than money.

25 April 2012


Mr.Surajit Kumar and his wife Sandhya are avid lover of plants and animals.This photograph was taken in last winter on his rooftop, where he has a mini garden.Three wonderful children and a loving wife takes care of his dog,garden during his long absence.


Dr.Santosh Kumar is a senior citizen of India, he is 83years, still very active in life, can walk around 5 kilometers in half an hour. Dr.santosh was a farmer, now does Homeopathic practice, stays at a remote village of Odisha, Pandhda. He is a good soul, full of humor in life. Those flowers in the photograph are his creation made out of colored papers. He covers around 8 near by villages for the sick persons, mostly tribal and poor, those who can’t come to his clinic. He charges a very nominal fees for those who come to his clinic& charges;Rs2 to Rs20.Never uses a fan not even in summer, gets up at 4:30am along with his cancer cured wife .A lover of nature. He is the personality of the month for the month of April.

24 April 2012

JOHN ARLOTT:(1914-1991) Cricket commentator,A poet,A police officer and a wine Connoisseur famous for poetic Phraseology.

21 April 2012



It’s no more a game; it’s a circus for the entertainment of the lunatic public as if there is nothing else to do by the millions of youth in the country watching dirty pictures and dirty games have become a passion for them. The demigods are welcome by young beautiful ladies with garlands and applying vermilion over the forehead which is usually done while welcoming the barat party of the bridegroom.

Most of the matches are fixed and the players get their full payment in crores in advance with out their team winning any match. One of the team will stay back for nine days in a five star hotel at Bhubaneswar because their next match is eight days away. A team means around 30 people so you can calculate the bill if you know how much it cost to stay in a 5* hotel per day. Recently after a win a particular team celebrated their victory with an imported whiskey that’s each bottle cost $800,

Special seats at Bangalore cost Rs40000 where you get unlimited alcoholic drinks a dinner, no doubt after the match lots of glass pans were broken. Press people are given extra care with gifts so that no adverse reports are published in the press.

A trial run of police vehicles and police force was undertaken for the Maharajas of Cricket at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The collectors, MLA s are regularly being kidnapped may be because of our police force are protecting the film stars, cricketers and some politicians. This kidnapping business is more frequent in non congress ruled states of India..

Let’s hope people will get their money’s worth in this match, KKR will be the winner in this match. Second batting team will lose the game. Hope it does not rain.


From left to right:UshaTripathy,Trilotoma Sarangi(putuJhee)Dead,Kasturi Pani,Pratima Pani(dead),SabitaSatpathy,Krishna Hota(1985-86)At Khetrajpur,Sambalpur(A RARE PHOTOGRAPH)

20 April 2012


This is a pencil sketch of my village Pandhda.Around 30 Brahmin families were rehabilitated in this village of Mayarbhanj,in Orissa state of India.The previous generation got fed up with flood so they migrated from coastal areas and requested the then Maharaja of Mayurbhanj to allow them to stay in that place in side a forest.The king laughed but agreed to their request.Now hardly few families stay there as the old generation is gone and the next generation have settled down in bigger cities and towns. Drinking Water during summer months is a real problem.Even though electrified the voltage never exceeds 120volts and supplied for 6 to 8 hours a day.Nearest market place is around 10 kilometers from the village.The village is now in ruins.

19 April 2012



RECORDS: History making country

Today India joined the elite club of ICBM .But the enemy is already in side, whom do we want to frighten by showing our might??They are already few miles in side Indian territory has a base camp at POK.Please see the cartoon in times of India of 19-04-2012 which summaries every think. Our country’s name will be entered in the Guinness book of world records if we apply for
1: maximum power fluctuation in electricity in the world.
2: Highest number of inverter users in the world.
3: Highest sale of emergency lamps
4: Highest sale of Voltage stabilizers in the world
5: Largest population not to use toilet for no-2 & no-1
6: Highest number of RTA in the world
7: Highest numbers of WT (without tickets) railway travelers
8: World’s largest railway network under one head.
9: Highest number of films produced per year with out any awards.
10: Highest numbers of illegal abortions.

 Phir bi hum Hindustani—Mera desh mahan


Mr.Arun Pani and next to him on his left is Gopal Sarangi are no more.Arun Pani expired on 17th after a prolong illness. Doctors of IGH saved him from a massive heart attack but after few years he developed cancer of throat and was bedridden.Expert car driver,helpful to any one who ask for his help and a very happy go lucky type of parson.He has a son and a daughter both well settled in life.His last rites were performed by his son Dodul.May his soul rest in peace.
Gopal nana we call him fondly died due to alcohol related problems.Both of them were very close to me and i had the good fortune treat both of them when i was a specialist in medicine at Ispat General Hospital Rourkela.

18 April 2012

Dearer than life


The tree was up rooted by a bulldozer and this innocent bird with his partner watched helplessly from a lamp post the destruction of nature by man along with their eggs.The lady has probably gone out in search of a tree(birds habitable) which are now a rarity in towns and cities.
The other photo is that of a Lizard family creature, we call it Andua in Odiya found every where in the world, has many enemies, she is pregnant, sleeping on our bitter gourd creeper for fresh air.One photo taken with flash and the other under moon light

15 April 2012


Once upon a time this lake was so large that when asked about the depth of the water from the people taking bath in it used to say-"an elephant may get drowned" that was in 1960 but in 2012 January hardly few glasses of polluted water remains as one can see in this photograph.The maharaja of Parlakhemundi, Krushna Chancdra Gajapati who built beautiful lakes and huge ponds,brought narrow gauge train line during 40's are in ruins, neither the people nor the Orissa Government ever care to revive this beautiful place situated at the border of Andhra and Odish. Governors visits so also the CM but Parlakhemundi is in ruins.I spent three years of my childhood during 60's but was disappointing by the callous attitude of the people of that place.It has become a district and Paralakhemundi is the head quarter but alas what has happened to this place?It was a nice place but now it's hot round the year,dirty roads,dilapidated schools and Government college buildings.

12 April 2012


This photograph was taken with a canon A camera on 11th evening during sun down time at Bhubaneswar but who knew that a cyclonic storm will be there at 20 hours with a mild earth-quake.These are nature's warning sign which most of us do not know how to interpret.On the same evening a major earth -quake was there at Indonesia.

10 April 2012


Amiya lost his father while he was too young to know the meaning of death. He was reared up by his uncle(mamu).He was a good student and stood first in his class and earned scholarship which reduced the financial burden on his uncle Balbhadra who too has two sons and three daughters. He was destined to be a doctor of medicine and became a gynecologist.
Years passed by and he served the remotest possible places of Odisha state in India, but he never complained. He was a sincerer and devoted professional.
He was not interested to get married but his widow mother was not keeping a good health hence she needed some one to take care of her and her son. The daughter in law was from a rich affluent political family but that too did not help him in his posting. He was hunted like a wild animal by the health department of Odisha as he declined to pay bribe to the administrators.
He had a son who too was like his father, brilliant in studies but was pampered by his mother. His name was Hrusikesh. Neither Amiya’s wife Sumitra nor Hrusi ever stayed with him in those remote places of the state. Amiya was a devoted man to medical profession which saved him from the boredom of a lonely life in the far flung places of the eastern state of India. Neither his wife nor the son ever paid any visits to see the new places and watch the local people and the hardship faced by Amiya.
Hrusikesh had only one ambition in life that is to go to a foreign land and rub shoulders with the white people. Amiya spent sleepless nights in the hot humid summer of southern Odisha where as his pampered son and affluent wife slept in the comfort and charms of a five star rated air conditioner.
Days and months passed off our Hrusikesh flew to London for higher studies and the old lady who was with the son in those old designed house succumbed due to a cardiac arrest when her son was away for duty.
A few days before her death she had requested her son Amiya to call Hrusikesh at least for a day. But alas she could not fulfill her last desire that’s why she always used to say –“Man proposes and God disposes”. That’s life.


From 1947 August till to date one can know the names of the Chief Ministers of Odisha.

08 April 2012


Few months back he had come on a rainy day, injured i gave him some bread and he went back home.This time he has come back to pay his gratitude.

06 April 2012


05 April 2012


These manual laborers earn hardy Rs200 per day but do a tight rope risky business.Safety measures are never provided by the contractors nor it's taught to these workers as a result of which thousands die every year or get paralyzed from waist below(paraplegia).You can see the huge apartment built by these in this picture but they them selves stay in slums and sleep on the floor but are the first to use the toilets.In Bhubaneswar house building is a very profitable business provided you know the trick.Its not a good place to settle down in old age.Too hot round the year, dusty, unruly public, dangerous traffic manners, think twice before purchasing a house for your stay at Bhubaneswar.70% purchase it as an investment and for it's resale value.

03 April 2012


The setting sun image is being fragmented by the glass paneling of a multistory building at Bhubaneswar.

02 April 2012


The graph shows the rise in autism in USA from 1996 to 2007.
The chances are that your child may not suffer any of the disease for which multiple pricks (now painless injections for affluent society babies) are given but may die of road accidents, drowning; assaults by psychopaths etc as there are no vaccines for these later causes.
Let’s analyze one by one;
1: BCG (In the past and present its role is doubtful hence routine use for all babies is not required).

2: POLIO: (DECLEARDRED DISEASE FREE IN INDIA) so why vaccinates and invite autism?

3: Whooping cough (A rarity now) should not be given routinely?

4: HEPATITIS –B (high risk, meaning there by if the child is going to be gay, will need Blood transfusion, mother has positive report etc,with screening of blood for blood donors, I do not think its necessary in all new born,( leave to parents highlighting the possibility of diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Asthma & demyelization.)

5: Tetanus: Only in sports person/workers/pregnant ladies/undergoing surgery after they grow up to be 15 years old.

6: Diphtheria (Incidence is low hence routine use is of doubtful value+ we have treatment for this disease)

7: Hepatitis A (every one is drinking mineral water so no point in vaccinating every one) it’s not a lethal disese, self limiting.

8: Rubella or German measles (only in pregnancy, developed countries)

9: Inflenza (so many strains vaccine for which one?)

10: common sense vaccination by parents.
The problem is woman are getting exhausted with one delivery hence they do not want to take a chance and go on vaccinating their children till they become immunocompromised. The side effects are many, autoimmune diseases are on the rise due to? Mass vaccination programme. Let’s use common sense medicine and see the result. Western people supply free medicines to us(developing countries) for their own children safety nothing else.Like ICC being a puppet in the hands of BCCI so also WHO in MS hands, for that reason the global vaccination programme is such a big business. Reflecting on the growing public concern about the World Health Organization’s linkages with the corporate world, Tom Fawthrop wonders whether world health policy is in danger of falling into the clutches of the unelected gnomes of Davos. It was symbolic of the crisis facing the United Nations' World Health Organization that billionaire Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, was the special guest speaker addressing last year's World Health Assembly (WHA) of WHO member states. This followed from Gates' previous address at the 2005 edition of the WHA. Commenting on the then unprecedented invitation extended to Gates to deliver a keynote speech at the WHA, the People's Health Movement (PHM) viewed it as 'part of an alarming trend of various UN organizations, including WHO, kowtowing to global multinational corporations under the guise of the "Global Compact" and so-called "Public-Private Partnerships"'. 'It is time to either declare Micro soft a WHO member country, or stop the shameful promotion of global corporations at important UN meetings,' said a PHM spokesperson. While Gates was ostensibly invited to the 2011 WHA in his capacity as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, activist groups say that the line dividing his philanthropy from his links to pharmaceutical interests and his company's business strategy is very thin. The origins of this public-private sector partnership process can be traced to WHO's chronic funding problems.