10 April 2012


Amiya lost his father while he was too young to know the meaning of death. He was reared up by his uncle(mamu).He was a good student and stood first in his class and earned scholarship which reduced the financial burden on his uncle Balbhadra who too has two sons and three daughters. He was destined to be a doctor of medicine and became a gynecologist.
Years passed by and he served the remotest possible places of Odisha state in India, but he never complained. He was a sincerer and devoted professional.
He was not interested to get married but his widow mother was not keeping a good health hence she needed some one to take care of her and her son. The daughter in law was from a rich affluent political family but that too did not help him in his posting. He was hunted like a wild animal by the health department of Odisha as he declined to pay bribe to the administrators.
He had a son who too was like his father, brilliant in studies but was pampered by his mother. His name was Hrusikesh. Neither Amiya’s wife Sumitra nor Hrusi ever stayed with him in those remote places of the state. Amiya was a devoted man to medical profession which saved him from the boredom of a lonely life in the far flung places of the eastern state of India. Neither his wife nor the son ever paid any visits to see the new places and watch the local people and the hardship faced by Amiya.
Hrusikesh had only one ambition in life that is to go to a foreign land and rub shoulders with the white people. Amiya spent sleepless nights in the hot humid summer of southern Odisha where as his pampered son and affluent wife slept in the comfort and charms of a five star rated air conditioner.
Days and months passed off our Hrusikesh flew to London for higher studies and the old lady who was with the son in those old designed house succumbed due to a cardiac arrest when her son was away for duty.
A few days before her death she had requested her son Amiya to call Hrusikesh at least for a day. But alas she could not fulfill her last desire that’s why she always used to say –“Man proposes and God disposes”. That’s life.

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