27 April 2012


This is the story of a faithful young man and his friend. Had it been an art movie it would have fetched a best picture award but here is a man who is writing this real story has neither the money nor the connection to produce such a movie. I would have named my film  "FAITHFUL",as it has become a fashion in Hindi filmdom of late, to name films with English titles.
The story unfolds in front of my and my wife Kalyani’s eyes. This was a playfield for young children and a shelter house for stray dogs but a mafia decided to construct a four storied apartment on it. The bulldozer came removed all the trees and bushes and the construction started .The dogs looked from a distance and were silent spectators to the whole process. The construction process went on so fast we thought the house will be ready by year end but alas there was some court stay order. The builder kept this young boy as a guard and caretaker of that housing complex when I developed a friendship with him. In the mean while a female dog called Blacky gave birth to three little pups out of which one stayed on to this place.
The little pup met with an accident and her left front foot got fractured during the construction of the house. This young boy Raghu developed sympathy for this pup and started feeding him from his lunch and dinner leftovers. He fondly called him “KALU”, meaning there by a dog of black color. I too developed a fascination for this little pup as she was all alone keeping a watch on a huge plot of half constructed house at night and barking at stangers.Her fractured leg has healed with a deformity.One day Raghu went out for some work to his village and our  Kalu was waiting for him for two days, during which i offered food to him but he refused to take.The scene is seen to be believed when Raghu returned from home.

The young boy is alone, so as a companion in a vast plot, Kalu is his friend and guard at night. I too give some bread when he comes to my house which is very close to this disputed construction site.
The story goes on; Kalu’s sister comes every evening for a short game of hide and seek as I observe them through my window as the sun sets in the west. My viewers please love animals, birds and trees and make our world a lovely place to live. Thank you. Ask your friends near and dear ones, to go through my blog for which I shall remain obliged to you for ever.To continue

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