21 April 2012



It’s no more a game; it’s a circus for the entertainment of the lunatic public as if there is nothing else to do by the millions of youth in the country watching dirty pictures and dirty games have become a passion for them. The demigods are welcome by young beautiful ladies with garlands and applying vermilion over the forehead which is usually done while welcoming the barat party of the bridegroom.

Most of the matches are fixed and the players get their full payment in crores in advance with out their team winning any match. One of the team will stay back for nine days in a five star hotel at Bhubaneswar because their next match is eight days away. A team means around 30 people so you can calculate the bill if you know how much it cost to stay in a 5* hotel per day. Recently after a win a particular team celebrated their victory with an imported whiskey that’s each bottle cost $800,

Special seats at Bangalore cost Rs40000 where you get unlimited alcoholic drinks a dinner, no doubt after the match lots of glass pans were broken. Press people are given extra care with gifts so that no adverse reports are published in the press.

A trial run of police vehicles and police force was undertaken for the Maharajas of Cricket at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The collectors, MLA s are regularly being kidnapped may be because of our police force are protecting the film stars, cricketers and some politicians. This kidnapping business is more frequent in non congress ruled states of India..

Let’s hope people will get their money’s worth in this match, KKR will be the winner in this match. Second batting team will lose the game. Hope it does not rain.

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  1. its all rubbish.just think how many people getting bread and butter from it ipl has made India proud and lot of people from outside are coming to earn.gradually it will beat the epl of England.hats off to the organizer,players and supporters and all of them.India really shinning.you should try to write something positives of your own country in your blog or else nobody will read your articles.