19 April 2012



RECORDS: History making country

Today India joined the elite club of ICBM .But the enemy is already in side, whom do we want to frighten by showing our might??They are already few miles in side Indian territory has a base camp at POK.Please see the cartoon in times of India of 19-04-2012 which summaries every think. Our country’s name will be entered in the Guinness book of world records if we apply for
1: maximum power fluctuation in electricity in the world.
2: Highest number of inverter users in the world.
3: Highest sale of emergency lamps
4: Highest sale of Voltage stabilizers in the world
5: Largest population not to use toilet for no-2 & no-1
6: Highest number of RTA in the world
7: Highest numbers of WT (without tickets) railway travelers
8: World’s largest railway network under one head.
9: Highest number of films produced per year with out any awards.
10: Highest numbers of illegal abortions.

 Phir bi hum Hindustani—Mera desh mahan

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  1. in my opinion press should be censured or else people will continue to write against their own country.how some body can write like this after such a great achievements of our scientist.this type of article should be referred to government to take necessary action.don't try to defame your own country.think before you write such dirty things about your own country.