19 April 2012


Mr.Arun Pani and next to him on his left is Gopal Sarangi are no more.Arun Pani expired on 17th after a prolong illness. Doctors of IGH saved him from a massive heart attack but after few years he developed cancer of throat and was bedridden.Expert car driver,helpful to any one who ask for his help and a very happy go lucky type of parson.He has a son and a daughter both well settled in life.His last rites were performed by his son Dodul.May his soul rest in peace.
Gopal nana we call him fondly died due to alcohol related problems.Both of them were very close to me and i had the good fortune treat both of them when i was a specialist in medicine at Ispat General Hospital Rourkela.

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  1. Gain, It was nice reading your comments on Budha Nana and Gopal Nana. I am not sure whether you remember me or not, You also attended my father Bishnu Narayan Pani, in his last days and explained me very nicely when I reached Rourkela. It is a tream to see this photo you have posted.

    Barun Pani