27 April 2012


                               GOD AND GODDESSES HAVE ENTERED PARLIAMENT:
                                                          Now India will be a heaven.

As desired by my blog viewers i have become patriotic, so decided to share my patriotic thoughts.

Some of my viewers have asked me to write some thing positive about this great nation called India.
So I decided to write the positive side of the story about Bharat Mata.
1: Average train speed which was 40 kilometers per hour before independence has reached 50 in express trains and 60 in superfast trains after sixty four years.
2: Government schools and colleges have been replaced by Christian schools
3: Number of Road traffic accidents deaths has gone up from fifty thousand to 5 lakhs per year.
4: Sachin & Rekha nominated to Rajya Sabha by Congress Party
5. Sachin scores 100 centuries (One day+ Test match)
6: India has ballistic missile capable of destroying Europe and China
7: All villages in India are electrified (on paper)
8: Enough food grains but no place to store
9: Millions of trees felled for national highways
10: Highest exporter of IT experts.
11:4000 doctors did not come back to India because they do not discriminate
12. Highest number of throat & mouth cancers in the world is found in India.
13; People are so patriotic that 40000 post in defense are lying vacant.
14: GOD has entered Indian Parliament.
15: India has four richest parsons in the world.
16: Suddenly the young generation has become patriotic for that reason they go out to foreign land never to return again.
17:S&P report says very good India
This list is never ending as HISTORY is made every day(by press)in India and I have no space in my blog to fill them.

ages in India are elctrified(f destrying Europe and China

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