14 June 2012


This is what we need to make football interesting? Like IPL-Cheer Girls and their bottom up? :Forget the boring games and the endless ties. The real attraction at this year's Copa America is off the field - specifically the breathtaking beauties that are invading stadiums across the host nation of Argentina.

What would a high-profile soccer tournament be without Paraguayan super fan Larissa Riquelme, who shot to fame during the 2010 World Cup by displaying her enormous ... support for her national team.


One has to wait for some years for European // world cup football tournament. Lots of efforts, strategy, planning, physical training, and money go in to it. Some teams return very happy, others happy, some gets dejected and a few grumble after the tournament is over. Lastly after few years it will surface that such and such teams were involved in match fixing.
I do not like this game, because there is only one important event and that is a goal. Twenty two players run after a ball as if their life depends on it and the end result is 0=0, extra fifteen minutes still then the same score and the referee ask for penalty shoot out. You wait for four years to see this!! Then why not have a tournament of twenty minutes duration with out off side rules!!
The ball is kicked out of play for safety once a team is leading and few minutes are left for the game.. The police traffic card system, as if criminals are playing and that nauseating background noise (whether it true or fake I do not know), some say it’s a ruffian’s game. After going through this write up people will think this fellow is a freak one.
My point is if one has to wait for a tournament for four years then one day extra should be reserved or play to finish should be the rule no penalty shoot out.
The rule of the game should change, like first 30 minutes eleven players, next fifteen minutes nine players for each team. After the break six a side tills the end of ninety minutes. During extra time there will be no goal keeper. Most of the dull games are those between two teams of equal strength.
Let’s give it a try. There is a great amount of media hype and craziness of football fans just to show he or she loves the game.
The game is thrust up on the people to say this is the best sport event of the world.
No doubt this is a fast and exciting game but with out imagination. Let the show go on with some modification.

This is a bizarre idea presentation.

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