12 June 2012



When some one goes beyond control then it’s very difficult to bring it back in the right path. See for example a drug addict, a gambler and a womanizer seldom transform them selves with out a strong set back. Similarly the Indian society has become a gold addict like the other three which I have mentioned. Gold is a dead investment for a common man. It only helps the chain snatchers, dacoits, smugglers, burglars, people with black money and last but not the least the jewelry shops all over India. Seldom has the gold come in to use for a real cause. The mother keeps it for her daughter or bahu and the cycle goes on until it’s loses its glitter and a new set is purchased in return of the old one (real gold).Then the standard deduction of 10% to 20% depending on the shop or brand .It seems the gold price has touched 28thousand rupees, may be they are targeting 50000 by year end to complete the year2012.
Why can’t all of the middle class Indians unite and stop purchasing gold ornaments for one year. No one is going to die if he or she does not wear gold!!  Of late most of the love marriages are inter caste, very few are arranged marriages, between working 33+ males and a woman of similar age, so I do not know why the lady has to wear so much gold ornaments during the function and then keeps it in bank locker for years. It’s up to them to say no to sex before marriage and no to gold after marriage.
With availability of so many varieties of imitation ornaments I do not think any one can make out if it’s real or fake. It depends on who is wears it. Suppose Katrina wears a fake diamond necklace, every one will say its real one but if my wife wears a real one, all will say it’s fake, including me.
I appeal to all the ladies not to purchase any gold for the next part of 2012-13 and see what happens. The bridegrooms too should request their in-laws not to give any gold ornaments as dowry/ or gift... I am yet to meet a widow who sells her gold ornaments for her children’s education or paying back the debts of her husband. She will prefer to go for another partner instead of breaking her gold ornaments (if she is young)
Remember a newly wed lady is in danger of rape and snatching of gold ornaments or even murder. With lots of drug addicts in society one should be careful of the gold ornaments; better invest in some thing different. Purchasing gold for bank lockers is most idiotic way of saving money for the future.
But like the “GOLDEN DEER” which resulted in kidnapping of SITA by Ravana, the present society is running after gold and property as if they will carry it with them after their death. Materialist pleasure is temporary one should remember that.
See what has happened to India’s economy, with highest gold reserve in the world in our banks, temples and in the form of black money what is the use of that gold?
 As long as India’s economy depends on international PETROL, GOLD &DOLLAR values I do not see a bright future for our country. Of late multiple companies have with drawn their money from India -Why? Due to our faulty economic policy and bizarre liberalization, S&P has given a warning to our economists?

(Standard & Poor's warns India of a downgrade to junk category

Making a pointed observation on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government S&P said, "It would be ironic if a government under the economist who spurred much of the liberalization of India's economy and helped unleash such gains were to preside over their potential erosion" )

Thanks for reading.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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