05 June 2012


Lets start with our PM:
Rupee value has gone down ever since MMS&Chidambaran+Pranab Babu’s brain have played the economy card for India.The economy too is in dustbins.
Some times these intelligent brain do not realise certain aspects of common sense  once their brain starts aging.
MMS must resign and go and settle in assam and write his autobiography(will not sale,except by the Govt for schools).
Pranab Mukharjee too must leave politics and  join some convent school to improve his English.
L.K.advani too must retire or else BJP will be doomed.
There should be an age limit for PM,CM&President post.
Both Sam  and AK must shave clean before contesting for the president post or else blade industry and shaving cream factories will close down.
CM of Odisha in the only Chief in the world who neither can speak or understand the language of the people whom he rules.(World Record)
There are dozen of remote controlled politicians in India:PM,President of India,Railway Minister,Finance minister,Education minister and Petrolium minister.(another world record)

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