01 June 2012


The ‘ Bandh ‘called by the opposition and allies of  UPA on the price of petrol is justified or not time will tell. As such there are too many and too frequent Rasta & rail Rokos in our country over and above, this ‘Bandh’  which  will add up to the list of public harassment which is not a good sign of a civilized society. Most of the petrol pump owners are directly or indirectly connected to politicians who are or were either in RS and LS as people’s representatives. On one hand we do not have good public transport system and encourage people to buy cars or bikes with less interest rates from banks and on the other hand go on increasing the price of petrol or diesel every third month, this is double standard at its worst. A few months back I was surprised to watch an electric two wheeler show room closed with in two weeks of it’s opening at Bhubaneswar because there were no takers for those type pollution free mode of transport. The bottom line is lots of black money is in circulation in the country and like rich countries our rich middle class too are having two to three four wheelers and a half a dozen of bikes per family. Our politicians know this hence the escalating price of petrol and diesel in India  is not going to come down because we have left the decision of pricing with mafias.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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  1. Whichever party carries out a forced bandh, indulges in organised crime. What is the difference then between the underworld and the political parties? To think of it, actually it is not surprising, as a large percentage of our politicians are from underworld. The reason is us, who will stoop to any level to get some favors. We will vote and support murderers if it suits our selfish ends. So in short we deserve the npoliticians we get. Bandhs are just a manifestation of the quality of people we have ina party.