08 June 2012


Bholanath Satpathy had three sons and Prasana Kumar Satpathy, B.A, BEd, was his 2nd son.Mr.Prasana Kumar Satpathy was born on 20th February, at Village Pandhada, Odisha, India. Expired in the year 2005, May, 14th.Exactly on the same day of 2006, his wife had a sudden cardiac arrest. Prasana Satpathy had six daughters and one son. His 2nd daughter a famous gynecologist of Odisha died while in sleep in the year 2010.Mr.Satpathy has travelled through out Odisha as an Educationist, BDO and in different capacity in Government Administration service of Orissa. He has never refused transfer even to the remotest place in the state. He never wasted money on luxury unlike his son. He lived a very simple and contended life. We all his relatives pray GOD to take care of him as he was a patient of Asthma.

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