09 June 2012




 “Why don’t you keep a “Khurda Gamucha” or a “Mask “in your bag for emergency use”. Suggested Indrani why going through the pages of Orissa Post.
“But why, should I?’ asked Doctor Sujit.
“You are working in a vurnalable area like hospital and at any time one may lodge a complaint with clause 364(out rage of modesty) and 376(attempt to rape) and you will be arrested by the police, may get a bail or not is different issue but by next day all the news paper will publish your photograph and all your reputation will go through the drain.”
“Yes, you are right Indrani; this has never struck to me. Now days hardly you see any criminals with out a face   ‘mask’ or ‘Khurda Gamucha’, as if it’s supplied by the police or the criminals carry it all the time. It’s not a bad idea to wear it all the time because you never know when my lady staffs in hospital and female patients will lodge a complaint with the police with the above clause to take revenge on me under instigation of a fellow colleague?”
So the next day   Dr.Sujit put on the mask but was stopped at zero tolerance zones by the traffic constable.
Doctor asked him “what’s the matter?”
“You look like a terrorist, meet the higher officer.”
Dr.Sujit showed his identity card to the officer in charge, he was aghast to know that the person whom he is cross examining is a famous doctor working in a corporate hospital.
“You may arrest me under many clauses as this is a zero tolerance zone, you see.” The doctor told him.
“But sir, you must not wear this as no traffic constable has the guts to arrest you” was his quick and sharp reply.
“But I will keep this for an emergency use in case? You never know!”
The officer had a hearty laughter and asked the veiled doctor to proceed.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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