01 June 2012


Benefits of Ratha-yatra Explanations 

Because Lord Jagannatha is a most merciful form of the Lord, even those who hardly understand the philosophy behind Ratha- yatra become free of many lifetimes of karma just by seeing the festival or taking part in it by chanting, dancing, or helping pull the thick ropes of the chariots. One can even become liberated due to the spiritual potency of Lord Jagannatha's presence.

CHANGING CUSTOMS: Even though I am a Hindu and Staunch believer of Jaganath Culture, still then it pains me to see those huge logs of woods at Bada Danda every year for the Annual Car festival. We have already deviated from the usual customs in the form of steel frames at Singha Dwara,Arch lamps on temple at nights,propsoed Air conditioning at Garva Gruha etc, why can’t we change over to steel alloy frames and wheels for the three chariots and save hundreds of trees every year? The alternative is preserve the chariot and give a fresh coat of paint every year and use it for three to five years, but who will do it? Fake fundamentalists are dime a dozen every where and it will take quite some time for the change over from this Stone Age culture.

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