31 July 2012



Pradeep and Puspa had two sons the eldest  one Bidhata passed his school examination in first division and entered college. The second son Sudipta was doing well in semester, tuition classes and his teachers had high expectations from him. So his father had no hesitation in employing good but costly tution masters. Bidhata to everyone surprise failed in 1st year but his father did not tell him anything about the poor result.Sudipta appeared the metric examination and got a 3rd division.
His father was very much annoyed and was disgusted with the result. Lots of money was spent over the years so naturally his relatives and friends ridiculed Sudipta’s parents.
  The father asked ‘’ what went wrong-son, we spent so much time and energy for you for this 3rd division? Our servant’s son has got 2nd division of his own without any guidance or tuition but you idiot have brought shame to our family name??”
Sudipta without any repentance or sorrow said with a smiling face ‘’so what- father? Someone getting a Bronze in Olympic is like a third division, gets one crore rupees, congratulations from President and PM of India, Gandhi used to travel in third class so what is wrong in my getting a third division in Matric?”
“Sorry son I did not realized our country has changed so much over the years but you must remember your father never stood second in any examination throughout his life.”

30 July 2012


A country with 120 crores of people wins it's first medal that too a Bronze.With that he is smiling as he has been promished billion of rupees, naturally any one in his place would have done the same.We have sent a big contingent lets hope they bring atleast 10 medals for their country.There is a saying in a blind country a person with one eye becomes the king !!


Mother with two sons of six months old taking rest over stone chips.Other four pups where abouts are not known.Hundreds of dogs and pups are killed every year in India and their population remains almost the same at a fixed point of time.

29 July 2012


L TO R>Niki,Kalyani,sanjoy,Bikash,Ekkta,Khusi,Gudu & Sneha.During my America Trip in 2007.

28 July 2012



The torch bearer from India at London Olympic defies any logic why a 70 years old Hindi film star be chosen ahead of many sports personalities of  India. Anju George or P.T.Usha or Viswanath Anand or any other sport person who brought laurels for our country would have been a better option. A young girl of sixteen from Pakistan and a twenty two years old doctor from Sri Lanka are representing  as Olympic torch bearer from their country. A young tribal girl with sports background would have been an ideal choice to carry the torch at London on behalf of Indian. Probably the Olympic Authority at London/India is running short of ideas about Indian sports. Many people fail to understand why people like Karan Johar, MMSingh, Amitab Bachan and Kalmadi are invited for a premier sports event like Olympics? We have sent 65 athletes plus a huge contingent of officials and supporting staffs, let  us wish them the best of luck .

26 July 2012

Global Net work Centre

Releasing the Souvenir: at Global Network Centre, IGH, Rourkela
By joint director Dr.Sanjoy Satpathy** (apron),
From Left to Right--Dr.SSPati, Dr.RNSatpathy,
Dr.Soroj Mishra*, Dr.Pitabsh Mishra, and Dr. Sumitra Acharya.
This Indo-American project under the guidance of Dr.Pinaki
Panigrahi, USA is doing excellent work on prevention of neonatal
deaths in Odisha.
*Dr.Soroj Mishra is now the director of Medical services,Rourkela. 

25 July 2012


BIJOY PANI: He was born at Chakradharpur of Singhbhum district, in state of Bihar, India- Born 1st September 1918 and expired on 4th April 1999. He lived a life to the fullest, with boundless energy, curiosity, intelligence, passion, commitment and love for animals, birds and trees. His spirit was absolute and approach to life was fearless. He was a freedom fighter. Left behind a legacy which is difficult for his next generation to execute.

24 July 2012



If you know a little bit of Indian politics then you know the answer but in case you do not know, then go on reading this article. First this congress party is not in power in these following states-Bengal,Bihar,Jharkhan,MP,UP,Karnatak,Tamil Nadu,Odisha,Punjub,Mizoram,J&K, but because of a package deal they (UPA) are in power. Do you know most of the allies of this UPA are communal but they go on telling people of India that BJP is communal? If a country with >70% population are Hindu then what is wrong about Hinduism?
The Congress/SP/AIDMK/DMK parties are in power because of Muslim and Christian votes. Bangladeshi’s Muslims are responsible for congress coming to power at Delhi union territory, Assam and play a major role in some other states too. Headache of Americans are the Mexicans so also ours are these Muslim from Bangladesh. This frequent outburst of ethnic violence at Assam & other North Eastern States is as a result of the infiltration of Bangladeshi muslims.Probably our politicians have not interacted with the youth in these areas. For staying in power politicians play dirty games if not dirty pictures but they forget that for their personal gains they are ruining the country’s youth and economy.