31 July 2012



Pradeep and Puspa had two sons the eldest  one Bidhata passed his school examination in first division and entered college. The second son Sudipta was doing well in semester, tuition classes and his teachers had high expectations from him. So his father had no hesitation in employing good but costly tution masters. Bidhata to everyone surprise failed in 1st year but his father did not tell him anything about the poor result.Sudipta appeared the metric examination and got a 3rd division.
His father was very much annoyed and was disgusted with the result. Lots of money was spent over the years so naturally his relatives and friends ridiculed Sudipta’s parents.
  The father asked ‘’ what went wrong-son, we spent so much time and energy for you for this 3rd division? Our servant’s son has got 2nd division of his own without any guidance or tuition but you idiot have brought shame to our family name??”
Sudipta without any repentance or sorrow said with a smiling face ‘’so what- father? Someone getting a Bronze in Olympic is like a third division, gets one crore rupees, congratulations from President and PM of India, Gandhi used to travel in third class so what is wrong in my getting a third division in Matric?”
“Sorry son I did not realized our country has changed so much over the years but you must remember your father never stood second in any examination throughout his life.”

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