24 July 2012



If you know a little bit of Indian politics then you know the answer but in case you do not know, then go on reading this article. First this congress party is not in power in these following states-Bengal,Bihar,Jharkhan,MP,UP,Karnatak,Tamil Nadu,Odisha,Punjub,Mizoram,J&K, but because of a package deal they (UPA) are in power. Do you know most of the allies of this UPA are communal but they go on telling people of India that BJP is communal? If a country with >70% population are Hindu then what is wrong about Hinduism?
The Congress/SP/AIDMK/DMK parties are in power because of Muslim and Christian votes. Bangladeshi’s Muslims are responsible for congress coming to power at Delhi union territory, Assam and play a major role in some other states too. Headache of Americans are the Mexicans so also ours are these Muslim from Bangladesh. This frequent outburst of ethnic violence at Assam & other North Eastern States is as a result of the infiltration of Bangladeshi muslims.Probably our politicians have not interacted with the youth in these areas. For staying in power politicians play dirty games if not dirty pictures but they forget that for their personal gains they are ruining the country’s youth and economy.

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