08 July 2012



“You will lose the rat race unless you watch this” snubbed Subhashree, when her husband switched off the television set and was about to climb the eighteen steps to his room on the first floor.
“Have some tea, it’s ready for you but you had no business to stop that TV.”
“Neither have the time nor the inclination to be educated by uneducated highly paid, parlour fresh people in the idiot box” commented ProfRajkishore with an angry tone.
“Why? You can watch news channels, IPL, beautiful   ladies in exciting serials, KBKP or comedy show and there is lots to see in these two hundred channels.” Quipped the lady of the house, while handing over the tea cup to her husband.
“Newspapers keep me updated; you know that the same news is circulated in different news channels by different news reader. Even if some one tries to miss any he simply can’t escape as news are discussed every where be it at the milk booth, tea stalls or office, it will follow you till you are dead. “
“But you can watch the prime time discussions” after you come back from office” suggested Subhashree.
“The prime time discussions are like fish market where no one is allowed to speak except the anchor lady with remark “will come back after a short break”. One can finish the dinner during that short break . Nothing comes out of it except wasting time, may be good for some TV addicts and senior citizens.”Was the sharp comment by the professor?
“”you can’t deny that there are lots to learn from TV”
“Which car to buy, which fan to fix, the soap, detergent which will make others envy, the after shave which will make ladies follow you, the shampoo to make  hair strong enough to be  used in case of emergency break down of car and the energy drinks. You will get lots of ideas free of cost. Your receding hair line and wrinkled forehead will be thing of the past; people will start taking notice of your rejuvenate look, fresh and young.”
Professor with a wry smile said’ You see I want to age gracefully and do not like to look like a joker with pasted mustache and over sized wig, you know “Indians are being  exploited through advertisements about their  two obsessed desires  one the thick black hair and  a fair skin”
“Yes you are right, this TV viewing is like any other addiction one simply can’t escape from it.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
House no-4, plot no: 401/2362, Patia, Bhubaneswar(This article was published in Orissa Post)

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