22 August 2012


FIZA a German Spitz was presented to me by Principal  of Rourkela Law College, Prof Monoranjan Das,  in the year 2000 at Rourkela. It was a very tiny dog  hardly one month old and refused to take milk or anything offered to her, my wife and me were worried what to do? We tried for 48 hours different combinations but she refused every thing except water. One night it struck to me why not some boiled chicken? She took it with delight and from that day till her death she was only interested in non vegetarian food.
Today at 0635 hours she expired in my lap – I was crying like a child, she looked at me and her eyes too were full of tears. I said to her your time is up-- good bye and thank you for the love and affection, attachment you have bestowed on us for last 12 years. She used to be a part of my life from morning till night, would wait for me till 3pm for her lunch.She lived a full life but her cause of death was cancer of stomach plus  old age. The sentiments can only be understood by people who love animals.(Top photo-Fiza 2days before her death,Middle-Fiza 5 years old with my nephew-Saswat,bottom--Fiza watching TV)

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