26 August 2012


We fondly called him DASH BABU.A beagle dog died(25.08.12) due to old age, he was around 15 years of age.There life span of these medium size dogs is around 13 to 14 years, his proud owner was my sister's son Bikash and his Wife Niki.I happen to meet this wonderful member of Panigrahi family in the year 2007, September at NewJersy,USA.Dash babu used to sleep in my bed and was very fond of me because i used to feed him the food which were forbidden by my Bhanja.His lose is very painful to our family because recently we lost our small Spitz Fiza.
People  who keep dogs are of three types.1: For keeping sake, neither they love them or care for their well being, every thing is left to the servants.2:The dog is tied to chain 24 hours a day and kept our side the house(mostly in India) as a watch dog. 3.They are kept inside the house and are part of the family.The third variety of people when they lose a dog really are the dog lovers and they cry when their friend die.Dash babu and our Fiza were like our family members, their death means a decade of friend ship and love between the master and the pet which is difficult to perceive by the people who do not love animals.Bye DASH BABU , we will miss you,please give company to our Fiza who is an Indian and a small defenceless spitz..

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