15 August 2012


My Presidential speech;

My country men, I am glad to deliver my speech as a non political individual to you on this 65Th anniversary  of Indian Independence.
Let me start with our politicians, there should be a retirement age for politicians say 65years, and no one can become minister for more than twice in his life time, that’s  also applicable to President, and PM posts.
The President bungalow will be converted to a five star hotel and the profit will go towards the development of villages and for schools. No two members from the same family will be in the ministry &there will be no reservation policy in any political field. People with any criminal records will not be allowed to contest until the cases are decided in the court of law. Post of VP and Governors will be abolished with immediate effect. CMs will report directly to President. No politicians will be allowed any foreign trips with family during official visits.
 Person actively involved in sports, cinema or other profitable business will not be allowed to contest. No MPs or MLAs will be allowed to advertise any product. Both MPs and MLAs election will be held simultaneously. The number of holidays in schools and colleges has to be reduced with consultation with the education ministry.
Nomination system to RS will be immediately with drawn and the old British system of two houses i.e. Upper and Lower class will be abolished; only LS will function i.e. minimum 265 days in a year. The new rule will be one man one post.
The IAS, IPS and similar one examination post system will be converted to fully fledged course of five years after passing out the +2 examination. This will be like any MA, MSc, and Medical, Engineering or Law degree course. During their study period all students irrespective of degree course will have to spend at least six months in villages.
The security will only be provided to PM and CMs of the country, others can have their own security guards. NCC, sports and other extracurricular activities will fetch marks for the final examinations.NCC will be made compulsory in schools and colleges except in professional colleges. There will be no union in colleges or schools.  Any problems in schools or colleges whether personal or general, can be taken up with the higher authority i.e.-collector or DCP.
Criminal cases to be decided by two months and there will be no clemency systems for rape and murder crimes. Back log of cases will be finished by this year end, no holidays for the judiciary till the cases are over.Cutting of trees will invite heavy punishments. All black money kept in foreign banks to be brought to the country and utilized for constructive work.
BPL, Rs2 kilo rice and old age pension scheme will be stopped with immediate effects. Road and Rail blocks strikes will be dealt firmly and no compensations for road accident or train accident victims, all Indians have to have a LIC policy where individual and Government will share 50-50 policy charge.
Cattles on roads will be removed after adequate warning to the owners. Heavy penalties for the owners who let their cattle roam in the streets. All stray dogs and cattle have to be freed in the dense forests.
All four wheelers and two wheelers companies will be asked to produce vehicles with maximum speed of 80 & 40 kilometers respectively for use in side town and cities. Multinational products will be 20% costlier than Indian products. No bank loans for building of houses and costly cars. One house per one individual family.
 Three wheelers will be phased out and PTS (public transport system) will be introduced. Roads to be privatized all over India.
 No students will be allowed to go out of India within five years of passing out the final examinations without a bond. Salary of staffs in private firms cannot be more than similar jobs in government organization. Twenty percent of salary will be blocked for a period of 5 years with 10% interest and that will be tax free. No individual salary in the country will be more than that of President of India.
No cultivation land can be sold for house building purpose. All farmers’ crops will be insured.
Voting system will be totally changed. One can vote through his or her computer or through ATM machines. Your PAN card number is enough for voting rights, persons who do not have a PAN card or recognized ID cannot vote. Voting cards system will be obsolete.There will be points system as in the President’s election. The voters of India have the following voting points, under metric- 1 point, under graduate-2 points, post graduate-3 points,DM.MCh, PhD- 4 points, Prof- 5 points, Majors and above -6 points. No candidate can contest without a graduate degree. No immigrants will have any voting rights. A person born in India can only be elected as President and PM. An MLA without the reading, writing and speaking ability cannot be the chief minister of that state.
There will be Lok Adalat and its decision is final.
I have to resign here and now as I am more than 65 years of age, therefore poverty, corruptions, literacy, road & railway transport, crimes and defense system will be taken care of by the new generation of politicians, bureaucrats and the youth of our mother land.
Jai hind

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