12 August 2012


BOLT face is familiar to the world who loves sports and atheletics.The other photograph is that of a famous cricket player(Chris Gayle) , from where Bolt comes from a tiny island called Jamaica.Probably the gene, culture, attitude to life,the water, the food and God's blessing has produced all these legends. There were and are many few famous cricket player from Jamaica but i will mention a few of their names.Frank Worrel,Collie Smith,Larrence Rowe,Courtney Walsh,Roy Gilchrist,Dijon,Mikel Holding,Daren Powell and Chris Gayle.
They are all exciting players and sports man of true sprit.Non of them might be  holder of any world record  in cricket but  people would love to see them in action as they are not boring players, play for the country ,not after records,and give entertainment to the spectators.

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