18 August 2012


Sports-Quota in India:Reservation in Sports.
(A satire)

Imagine Indian cricket team with reservation policy, of course it exists but in a different way. Our great politicians have recently introduced a bill in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha for better performance in all disciplines of sports and games.
As per the new guidelines the captain has to be a dalit (lower caste) the vice -captain from a minority community.  Bowler and Batsman from the congress ruled states and the extras will be lady cricketers and luggage boys from non congress ruled states.
The team will be selected by the bench officials of SCS of India.
The same guide lines will hold true for other games & atheletics. All the sports persons of India have to register them selves with the different political party of their choice.
The players have to wear a logo of the party which they belong to.
All the stadiums will be named as follows:
1: Neheru-Indira stadium (Athletic events)
2: Indira-Neheru stadium (Indoor swimming complex)
3: Rajib-Rahul indoor stadium (Sword fight)
4: Priyanka indoor tennis court.
5: Rahul sports complex. (In place of SAI)
6: Sonia- Rajiv 20-20 Mega Event (20minutes foot ball tournament)
7: Sonia Tennis tournament (One set tournament)
8: Rahul World cup mixed Cricket tournament. (Gents +Ladies)
 9: Priyanka-Bhadra Ladies cricket tournament (5- overs)
10: Menaka-sanjoy dog fight tournament (International)
11: All the stadiums&sports events will be named after a Nehru or Indira Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi family member, with immediate effect.
12: The reservation policy will also be applicable in case of selectors and officials.Chief of Sports Authority of India will be the President of India.

With this policy India will be the undisputed champion in all games and sports.

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