22 September 2012


“MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES” says the PM- sir, we have heard this proverb/idiom before, and there is nothing new about this nursery rhyme. This implies that the person you are addressing (INDIAN) spends money too easily? Everyone knows money is not easy to get. But sir there are certain trees which grow money - like Bofors tree, 2G trees, coal trees, mining trees, CWG trees, Fertilizer tree, Fodder trees, IPL trees and many more but the money  from these trees goes to certain section of the society. Who asked you to spend  crores of rupees on- the Ex-President’s family sightseeing tours, the bronze medalist, the super rich cricketers, and European countries? We have elected MP, and they are our representative why you explain your weakness and liabilities to us? You are in power for last eight or nine years and suddenly you cry for our economy and invite FDI and compare India’s economy with Bangladesh, Nepal, and some other poverty stricken countries? The money which grew on those above mentioned trees are laying in some other country, why don’t you bring it back to India and improve the economy, then give sermon to the AAM Admi of India. Why don’t you say “its World Bank & USA directive which I am carrying out for “UPA” future?”

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