01 September 2012


A tiny little German Spitz was presented to me by a law college Principal at Rourkela. May be a few days old after the eyes have opened up, she was missing her mother. We named her after the Hindi film Fiza.She refused to take anything except water and it became a problem for us, so we tried all sorts of permutations and combinations but everything failed. Lastly my wife suggested ‘Should I give her some boiled chicken?’
“Yes you can, but no bones.”
That was her first meal at her new home, from that day every day was a chicken day for her. She was following me like a shadow, would love to go out where ever I would go, be it on foot or in car. We developed a very strong bond between us but she remained a tiny Spitz both mentally and physically.
Giving her bath, food everything was my duty as long I was at home. She would greet me with loud barking, so much so that our neighbors would know doctor has come home. My wife’s job was to prepare food of her choice, would follow her as long as I am not at home but once I come back she would tell everyone who her boss is. Slowly she became known to our friends and relatives as the darling member of the family. From America to Bangalore who ever called on us would ask about Fiza.
She never felt sick not even on rainy seasons, her favorite room was my computer room as it was airconditioned.Would sleep under my feet as long I continue working with computer or write stories for my odiya short story books.

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