05 September 2012


As a school student neither could  we understand Hindi nor could speak it, still then sitting on wooden bench we used to go for those black and white movies.From the actions and mannerism probably we were able to make a story out of it.I had missed many of those wonderful B&W films of 1953-60 so i decided that in my post retired life with no one around to watch those nostalgic films i started collecting them by post and some through my computer.The recent ones are AAR PAAR--TUMSA NAHIN DEKHA--HOUSE NO44--CID--TESSRA KAUN--KALA PANI-Woh kaun thi?.The above photograph of Shyama , Ameta and Sadhna are posted here because in my opinion these  actress were unsung heroins of that era.Their acting, facial expressions,beauty,and total entertainment with out vulgarity was unique where as now what we see is less of acting,more of vulgar dance which was the Domini of vamps in those days and more of sexy scene and skin exposures makes one think, is this entertainment or this is an album songs with some little bit of story & poronogrphy !!Shyama's acting in Aar paar was excellent so also Ameeta's in Tum sa Nehin Dekha & Chhote Nawab.Sadhna looked her best inMere Mehaboob.If you are 55+ you can watch these films and enjoy your afternoon.Never watch them with present generation of children, you will be disappointed with their comments.

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