21 October 2012



An old couple were leading a happy & contented life in a remote place of Odisha called Patia.
One day the old man coming back from market found out that the house is locked from out side,
He had the duplicate key, so had no trouble getting in to the house.
He found a paper on the table written " going to mental hospital "
The old man purchased two apples for his wife and left.
The doctor with red eyes abused the old man in  no uncertain manner, telling him" you have tortured your wife mentally"
"But i have given her every thing she wanted in life"said the old man in a heavy tone.
"You have compelled her to watch black and white films of Satyajit Ray and Gurudutt?"
"Yes, i did"
"But there is a limit, on five consecutive nights you have shown her, kagaz ka phool, sahib bibi aur gulam, apur sansar,sadgati &asani sanket"
"Yes i did, but where is my fault?" asked the old man,
"There is the problem, i did the same thing to my wife and she is still in coma!!?" replied the psychiatrist.


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