04 October 2012



In the sport of cricket, throwing, commonly referred to as chucking, is an illegal bowling action which occurs when a bowler straightens their arm when delivering the ball. The Laws of Cricket specify that a bowler's arm must be fully extended and rotated about the shoulder to impart velocity to the ball. Throws are not allowed. If the umpire deems that the ball has been thrown, he will call a no ball which means the batsman cannot be given out from that delivery. Current regulations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) set the legal limit of 15 degrees of permissible straightening of the elbow joint for all bowlers in international cricket. This law applies between the point at which the bowling arm passes above shoulder height and the point at which the ball is released.
A ball is fairly delivered in respect of the arm if, once the bowler's arm has reached the level of the shoulder in the delivery swing, the elbow joint is not straightened partially or completely from that point until the ball has left the hand. This definition shall not debar a bowler from flexing or rotating the wrist in the delivery swing.

                                                             FAIR ACTION
When a fast bowler chucks the ball travel faster say from 140 kilometers/hour to 150, but with the protections available to the batsman they are not afraid of fast bowling.The other advantage for the batsman is if they put the bat on the ball it travel faster to boundary for a four or six.Fast bowlers run up is long hence most NO balls are bowled by fast bowlers resulting in free hits.Where as in case of a spinner if he chucks then the ball turns more, gets a sudden bounce,and difficult to play as the ball travels faster.But the reason best known to ICC, suddenly the number of chuckers playing international cricket has gone up in recent years. Majority of chuckers are from SriLanka, Pakistan,India,BD , few from SA and recently WI has joined the party.The authority has bent the rules to accommodate some players in past and that mistake is proving to be a big headache.The rules have been framed in such a way that more and more chuckers play the game.Money factor has ruined this gentleman's game.

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