27 October 2012


medical research and its finding are confusing so do not go by its advice.use common sense if you have.
1:eggs are good for heart
2: another study eggs increase your longevity
3:eggs in crease your libido
4: eggs causes heart attach
5: eggs are good for your memory.
6: people get confused and stop taking eggs(mostly old people)
1:Milk is good for your bones
2: Milk is good for your skin
3: Milk gives you a white complexion.
4:Milk causes heart problems
5: No good milk is available hence not good
6: Young girls should not drink milk they will get maturity early with stunted growth.
7: Milk is for sick and infants
8: Milk and its products are harmful for the body and heart.
9:Drinking milk is a sin.
10:Milk is bad for your intestine, causes loose motions in young children
1:one apple a day is good
2:one nurse/girl a night is good for longevity
3:sex reduces your life span
4: no sex means early death(Vivekananda)
5:Home sexuality is tension free, as there is no chance of pregnancy.
6: sex relaxes your mind(Gayle)only applicable for Negros
7:sex is good for keeping you slim and trim

8.Morning sex is good.
9.Tomato juice increases your libido.

Beer is good,wine is better, whiskey prolongs life? etc
These are the few head lines of different magazines published world wide and many people read them first.
This is a new trend.Earlier these bogus medical research conclusions were never published in lay press but  now you can read them on Sunday supplements and other glossy news papers and get confused.

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