26 October 2012


Ecology: Once upon a time this was a forest but now a concert jungle.Looks deceptively green but most of the eco friendly trees have been chopped off. A Dusty Noisy city.
Traffic & Roads: Except the main road, the national highway and road from air port to Nandan kanan, rest of the roads are in horrible condition with full of pot holes and humps. A small car is good but likely to find problem in smaller by lanes due to hums. There is hardly any traffic rules, accidents are plenty. Very noisy traffic as the public and the drivers are horn friendly.
Pollution: Both noise and dust pollution will need frequent repair of your electronic gadgets. Patia is a place some 15 kilometers from airport but will take 45 minutes to cover due to traffic. This locality has no rules no regulations, ruffians rule this place. The drainage system does not exist. The multi story buildings do not have good drainage facilities. You may get a cheaper house but not worth it in long run due to noise pollution—fire crackers, bombs-as festivals and marriage receptions are round the year. There is a temple in every street of Bhubaneswar so louder speakers will make you wake up early. The people of Patia and other places of Bhubaneswar still love to defecate in open fields or road side.
Electricity: Wide fluctuation of current so prepared to invest 10 to20 thousand for voltage stabilizers and inverters.
Dangers: This is high sesmic zone for major earth quake so be prepared for it, due to rapid depletion of sub soil water major earth quake may occur in next 15 to 20 years at Chandrasekharpur and Patia.
People: Not good at all, neither helpful nor friendly. Majority are crooks. Even the shop keepers are rough in their dealings. Many cheats-may sell a lemon for an orange, be prepared for it.
Market price: Costly vegetables and costly 5* hotels, if both of you are working can manage. But lunch and dinner plates are available for Rs30 for veg andRs35 for nonveg(road side hotels).If you believe people then you are likely to get cheated.
Hospitals & Doctors: Avoid if you do not have insurance or plenty of money. Two too many  highly qualified doctors but no commitment.TheSargodwar at Puri is only 70 kilometers away.


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