18 October 2012


 SachinTendulkar and Habajan Singh destroyed the career of Australian all rounder-Symonds, still then see the greatness of their PM to confer the Australian honour,how many India has bestowed on great Australian? Sachin was midst of controversy in the famous LBW decision against Megarth, not agreeing for drug tests, DRS and many more.Even though he is a billionaire he did not pay tax for his car and sold it after few months.He does not deserve to get this award, but OZ- PM is a politician so he wants to exploit the sentiments of Indian public.Actually HS did not say monkey but some thing still worse  also starts with- M, the interpreter of Hindi told some thing else to save Sachin and Harbajan.Poor fellow Symonds  exciting career ended because he was black had no God father.

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