15 October 2012



 Can some one have the courage to motivate the youths of India to boycott their classes for a whole three months period untill these following demands are met?Some people can do it may be- SobhnaAzmi, Amir Khan, Annupam Kher, Big 'B'.Country has suffered a lot in recent times so no more waiting for the youth mass they must come forward and do some thing instead of being self centered and encouraging corruption.

Agenda No1:All pending criminal cases should be over by year end.

No2:Corrupt ministers can not contest nor can they head any organization or faculty for ten years.

No3:Black money to be brought back to the country.

No4:Transparency & RTI

No5:No work no pay including politicians.

No6:No rasta Roko or Rail roko

No7:Stop IPL for two years.

No8:No reservation in education and sports.

No9:No elections in schools and colleges.

No10:Abolish Governor and vice president posts.

No11: One man one post.

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