24 October 2012


India’s   youth  is slowly shrinking and aging population is fast growing due to self centered small family attitude, medical, technological and financial advancements. These aging mass lives at the cost of the youth in every field be it in job or otherwise. A big conflict has started brewing underneath the feelings of the youth towards this aging population. They (youth) think these grey haired people preach too much and live in past, without realizing that they will also become old one day. Youth of today is a complex human creature and they do not know what is good or bad for them in the long run.
What I am going to write here is my own observation, opinion of some of my friends and other. I do not want to write a novel on this topic, as no one is going to purchase or read my writings not even my friends and relatives. Then why do I spend my time doing this idiotic thing? Just to release my boredom of loneliness.
Writing about Indian youth is tough jobs as it cannot be generalised.We have super rich, rich, upper rich, lower class and the poor class. The majority are in lower middle and poor class which produce intellectuals, engineers, doctors, sports persons and scientists. The rich youth live on their parents business and huge black money; do not have to bother about doing anything constructive or creative work. History tells us it’s the sufferings which brings out the best in an individual.
We will divide our needs which they do not want, that means they want something which is not the norms of the society. It’s like I do not want egg curry means I want something better. Usually people tell their wants and needs but here we will discuss what the youth does not want?
EDUCATION: There should be separate College and Schools for SC & ST and poor students but those who want to peruse higher studies in reputed institutions have to compete with the general students. They say what they read is never needed in later part of professional career except in few exceptional circumstances, so why so many subjects? Why can’t it be a year or two , career oriented certificate course? They do not want to go to college and stay in hostels and waste their exciting youth. Giving donations to institutions and later on going out for corruption to recover the money, they do not like this practice.
Starting from nursery till the end of professional career a huge lot of time & money is unnecessarily wasted. The small “baby” is sent to nursery too early and the poor fellow’s child hood is spent in side class rooms and tutorial classes, never allowed to play or move out or think of his own nor enjoy the nature. Parental pressure makes them depressed and useless persons in later part of their life. So our youth does not want this present education system where the book knowledge and practical needs are wide apart, so they want a different educational system where a child grows up to become a real human being not a robot.
SEX & MARRIED LIFE: No more marriages in Indian style, sitting on the dais and shedding tears due to fire and fumes. They want court marriage which is legalized and least expensive.Poly gamy and all sorts of perverted form of sex to be legalized. No punishments for rape & sodomy. They do not want any moral ethics for sex. They want divorcé system to be made easy so that one can marry as many times as one wishes to be. The term extramarital affairs should be legalized.
JOBS AND SALARY: Twenty days of paid leave for tourism with or with our spouse. The youth of today are hard working for that, they want more relaxed duties and no attendance system. No 8AM to 8PM duty. There should be uniformity in salary system for equal type of job, be it government or private. No deduction of tax at source they will pay the tax at the end. No jobs for retired persons.
POLITICS: They do not want to continue with this perverted and corrupt form of democracy. No elections in colleges and Schools. Voting through ATM & PC with Pan Card or Adhar card or pass port numbers. Present day politician should go to their respective villages or towns and do not participate in any form of political activities.
People who are 25 years but less than 50 (must be graduate) can only contest in general & state elections. One can do propaganda through TV or news papers, no rallies or use of loud speakers. There should be two party systems so that there will be a strong government. All parties have to decide before hand which party they belong to- party A or party B.Once corruption charges are proved the person cannot contest for the rest of his life. The VP(vice president) post, Governor Posts to be abolished. There will be no nomination system to Rajya Sabha. Those MPs who do not become ministers automatically become Rajya Sabah members.   Elections for state assembly and parliament should not be held during rainy seasons, and must be conducted simultaneously. There should be a call back system for dummy MPs who do not perform.
HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL EDUCATION: The medical education system should be tailor made for our country; rare diseases should not find a place in the syllabus. After first MBBS the students will opt for their subject of choice and specialize, no super specialty degrees. The system of free medical care should be abolished .Medical course should be condensed to three years. They do not want these Apollo’s and Escorts etc to be only in big cities but have smaller centers at all head quarters of the district throughout India and the cost will be fixed by students .Foreign treatment will invite a tax of 30% over the expenditure incurred by the party. Doctors/engineers/professionals those who have gone abroad for jobs will have to deposit $5000 before resuming duty on Indian soil. There should not be disparity in salary of professionals in Government and private institutions. No medical or scientific conference should have more than 500 delegates.
ALCOHOL, SMOKING & DRUGS: Should not be costly, be made cheaper so that poor people & students do not drink spurious alcohol. There should not be any excise duty on alcohol but a person wishing to drink or smoke has to procure a license. Smokers and drug users should not be punished. No raid on, parties, hotels, or other places for drugs and sex. The term illegal sex will be abolished. Drugs should not cost much. The youth should be allowed to enjoy and no hindrance to their pleasurable life.
MONEY: They do not want to be poor meaning there by less than Rs2000 per day. Should get rich soon by any means, no police action if caught, only the money and goods can be taken back by police, no punishments. They want money and money by any route. Bank should pay them even if they are not working anywhere.
FILMS: No censorship. No raid on blue film halls.
CRICKET: No player to be selected for more than five tests, 10 matches of (50-50) and 10 (20-20) matches, in a Year, in its place young players should be given a chance. No cricket matches during examination time.
LAW& Order: A separate set of rules for youth. No punishment for theft, fraud or ticketless travel. Constitution should be rewritten. There should be a onetime (CREDIT CARD TYPE) railway fare (for ten years) for students travelling in Indian railways.
Respect and Manners: No such formalities. They do not want the out dated mode of paying respect to seniors. No foot touching only handshake or a smile.
PUJA PENDALS: They do not want worshipping of God at road side. If anyone is interested, can go to temple and worship the concerned God or Goddess. No wastage of money on Puja pedals and fireworks.
So they do not want to follow any rules or regulation which are their prerogative and live a happy and enjoy life up to fullest extent with multiple sex partners of both sexes. They should not be asked to come and do the last rituals of their parents’. But they want a beautiful and progressive India .Lets give them a chance for two decades and see the results, after all its their world, they should do what is good for the whole world not for individual benefits.
 If I have missed out something more which they do not want to do or follow then I may be excused.
(This is a serious satire)

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